As Groupon’s Fortunes Shift, Chicago Sticks By It

By Connie Loizos — 4 years ago

Not long ago, the daily deals giant Groupon was the toast of Chicago, a press darling that received the blessing of Oprah Winfrey, was commended by Forbes as the “fastest growing company ever,” and even reportedly spurned a multibillion-dollar buyout offer from Google. A Chicago Tribune headline from last December summed up its place in […]


Groupon’s Founders Make Words Pay, But for Whom?

By Connie Loizos — 5 years ago

The New York Times recently wrote a piece suggesting that “Groupon’s fate hinges on words.” Unlike Google, which “had secret algorithms that gave superior search results,” or Facebook, which “provided a way to broadcast regular updates to friends and acquaintances that grew ever more compelling as more people signed up,” in the view of the Times, […]