Adobe Buys Typekit

By Jonathan Marino — 4 years ago

Typekit, the subscription service for font types, has been acquired by listed strategic tech conglomerate Adobe. Specifics of the deal were not publicized. Investors in Typekit include True Ventures, Evan Williams, Freestyle Capital and Chris Sacca.


Greycroft Partners Adds a New VC: Ellie Wheeler

By Connie Loizos — 5 years ago

Ellie Wheeler thought she’d be a doctor one day. Instead, she’s just become the newest member of Greycroft Partners in New York. It’s been a circuitous journey. After one semester at UMass’s medical school, Wheeler, who’d majored in psychology at Georgetown, realized she’d rather put her old finance classes to use instead. A posting she […]


Embedly Adds $450,000 in Fresh Capital

5 years ago

Embedly, whose technology is designed to make it easier to embed online content, has inked $450,000 in fresh capital from Social Leverage; Venture 51; StockTwits Chief Executive Howard Lindzon; and individual investor Adam Schwartz; Betaworks and Chris Sacca. As a result of the round, Schwartz will join the company’s board.


Social Scene: Khosla to Give Away Half of Fortune, Kvamme Moving to Columbus (Huh?), Bussgang Hangs with SEAL Team 6, More

By Lawrence Aragon — 5 years ago

In this week’s Social Scene, Eric Schmidt is building fancy new digs for his personal VC firm; Joanna Rees has convinced Reid Hoffman, Marc Pincus and others to back her bid to be mayor of San Francisco; Vinod Khosla says he will donate half of his fortune to charity; Mark Kvamme is moving to Ohio (seriously!); Jeff Bussgang hangs with the famed SEAL Team 6, Robert Simon, Eric Wright and Katja Gehrt all have birthdays coming up, and more.

Schmidt in building mode

Onetime Google CEO Eric Schmidt is building out the “entire top floor” of a building in downtown Palo Alto, Calif., for his personal investment firm, Tomorrow Ventures, reports Peter Delevett of the San Jose Mecury News.

Delevett spoke to a commercial real estate broker who speculated


Tales from the Echo Chamber

By Connie Loizos — 5 years ago

I’m constantly amazed by how short news cycles have become and the extent to which the Twitter echo chamber now defines how we judge a hot startup. Valuation news is regularly leaked, for example, then relentlessly retweeted, seemingly providing instant validation for many companies, when in reality, valuations for private companies mean very little. Unfortunately, […]


Sacca Isn’t Whiteboard Girl Funny, But He’s Close

By Dan Primack — 6 years ago

Today’s Internet buzz has been about a woman who quit her job via whiteboard, and stuck it to her boss in the process (I hope @glennf is wrong about her being a fake — UPDATE: He was right). In more provincial news, angel investor Chris Sacca has posted perhaps the best new job posting I’ve ever seen.

It’s for an intern at Lowercase Capital, the “institutional” fund that Sacca recently launched. As he explains:


Chris Sacca Channels Tim Draper

By Dan Primack — 6 years ago

Angel investor and geek Renaissance man Chris Sacca appeared on stage earlier today at TechCrunch Disrupt, and decided to play around with a new music composing/publishing platform called UJam. More specifically, he sang part of a Sinatra tune. Not as original as The Riskmaster, but still ballsy in front of such a large crowd.

Thanks to @Scobleizer for taping (go to the 0:43 mark):


Twitter Investor Chris Sacca to Third-Party Developers: Stay the Course

By Connie Loizos — 6 years ago

As Twitter turns its attention toward real revenue and “official” Twitter applications, I asked Chris Sacca for some insight.

Sacca is an angel investor in more than two dozen startups, including both Twitter and the URL shortener (highlighted in a widely-read Biz Insider piece titled: “Here’s Who Just Got Screwed by Twitter”). He weighed in on whether third-party Twitter developers really are cooked.

What did you think of Business Insider’s round-up? Is there room for small players to coexist alongside Twitter or is it now the case that if Twitter can build it, they will?

Business Insider has attained a level of sensationalism that I can’t take seriously as journalism any more. Just look at how many times they retweeted their own article today.

The ecosystem developers have the lead right now. They have innovated faster than Twitter and they will continue to do so. They are smaller and nimbler and have the freedom to take more chances.


TipJoy Raises $1 Million

By PEHub Administrator — 7 years ago

TipJoy, a blogging micropayment startup based in Cambridge, Mass., has raised $1 million in series A funding led by Betaworks. The Accelerator Group, Chris Sacca and David Shen Ventures participated.


How to Raise Money from Angel Investors Like Ron Conway

By Connie Loizos — 7 years ago

The TechCrunch 50 conference is happening right now in San Francisco, and I just watched a really terrific panel discussion with Ron Conway (one of Google’s first backers), Israeli entrepreneur-turned-investor Yossi Vardi (his biggest hit was IM company ICQ), Google executive-turned-investor/advisor Chris Sacca, Matt Coffin (founder of and David Kidder, a (serial entrepreneur who recently founded the online advertising startup Clickable).

Rather than analyze what was said, I’m just transcribing some of the conversation, as best I was able to jot it down (the old typing skills aren’t what they once were). Hopefully, you’ll find it as instructive as I did.