XL Innovate acquires New Energy Risk

XL Group plc‘s venture capital fund XL Innovate has acquired New Energy Risk Inc. No financial terms were disclosed. New Energy Risk is a products provider for the cleantech sector.


OneEnergy rakes in $5 mln Series B

OneEnergy Renewables has received $5 million in Series B financing. Ecosystem Integrity Fund led the round, with participation from other investors that include members of the cleantech angel group Element 8. In conjunction with the funding, Devin Whatley, an EIF partner, has been added to the company’s board of directors. OneEnergy is a provider of utility-scale solar PV projects.

Cleantech Still Holds an Allure for Khosla Ventures

Khosla Ventures’ performance numbers don’t look bad considering its heavy allocation to clean technology. But the firm hasn’t really sold much. It’s hanging on to stakes in now-public biofuel companies and most of best performing investments are still private.

Cleantech Fund Performance Might Surprise

Cleantech funds are hardly barnburners, but it is interesting to note that many may have performance multiples of at least capital invested. This is according to Preqin, which in a recent report found the median multiple for cleantech funds is above 1.00x. The company compares distributions and fund value with cash invested. The company said […]

Top Hub Posts this Week Focus on Dallas Shindig, a Slowdown in Distributions to U.C. from KP and Sequoia and VCs Cashing in on IPOs

Here are the 10 posts that garnered the most unique pageviews from peHUB’s regular readers from Nov. 14 to Nov. 18. A photo slideshow of our Dallas Shindig topped the list, followed by an analysis of how Kleiner’s and Sequoia’s distributions to the University of California have slowed down and a look at the VCs that made bank on IPOs this week.

ONE: Slideshow: Howdy, Dallas Shindigers!by Lawrence Aragon
TWO: How UC’s Distributions from Kleiner and Sequoia Have Slowed Since 2003 (slideshow)by Mark Boslet
THREE: VCs Could Cash in on Angie’s List and 4 Other IPOs this Week (slideshow)by Lawrence Aragon
FOUR: Scorecard: American Buyout Shops In Europeby David Toll
FIVE: Why Great Entrepreneurs Take Big Risks And Sometimes Get Firedby Ben Smith
SIX: Slideshow: Permira Ramps Up U.S. Activityby Bernard Vaughan
SEVEN: One to Watch: Manu Kumar of K9 Venturesby Connie Loizos
EIGHT: Summify CEO: U.S. Immigration Issues Drove Us to Vancouverby Connie Loizos
NINE: Top 10 U.S. Buyout and Mezz Fundraisings YTD (subscribers only) – by Angela Sormani
TEN: Slideshow: Top 10 Global Cleantech Funds Raised YTD (subscribers only) – by Angela Sormani

Top Posts this Week Focus on Groupon, Fundraising, Relationships and Jobs

Too busy to keep up with your reading this week? No worries. We’ve got you covered. Here are the top 10 posts that garnered the most unique pageviews from regular readers from Nov. 7 to 11.

ONE: Here’s How VCs Did on Groupon Investment of ‘Like a Billion Dollars’by Lawrence Aragon
TWO: Top 10 U.S. Buyout and Mezz Fundraisings YTD – by Angela Sormani
THREE: Where Groupon Shares Go from Here? This List Gives a Hintby Connie Loizos
FOUR: Slideshow: Top 10 Global Cleantech Funds Raised YTDby Angela Sormani
FIVE: Silicon Valley Is A Multi-Inning Game, Relationships Are How You Playby Ben Smith
SIX: Seven Terrible Startup Names, and One Really Great New One (subscribers only) – by Connie Loizos
SEVEN: VCs Are Working Hard on Job-Related Startups (slideshow)by Joanna Glasner
EIGHT: Scoop: Elevation Partners Looks to Raise up to $1.9B for Growth Fundby Luisa Beltran
NINE: Up to Half of PE General Partnerships Could Disappear in Next Five Years: Reportby Luisa Beltran
TEN: Hicks Muse Successor Struggles With Media Deals; Brodsky Goneby Bernard Vaughan

RockPort Feels Pain from Betting Big on Solyndra, Going ‘All In’ on Cleantech

(Reuters) – David Prend is one of the most respected investors in green technology — but even he picks some losers.

Like the Department of Energy, Prend thought Solyndra, an innovative solar company, was a good bet. His venture capital firm, RockPort Capital, began investing in the company three years before the federal government gave the startup a loan guarantee. RockPort eventually put more than $63.5 million into Solyndra.

As revealed in emails released by the White House, Prend, who sat on the company’s board, also touted the company to President Barack Obama’s staff as a stellar example of green job creation and urged the president to visit its California plant.

But the Solyndra bet went bad — for Prend, the DOE, and other investors such as Henry Kravis and Richard Branson. That’s not so unusual in the field of green tech. A closer look at Prend’s portfolio …

Khosla Ventures Raises $1B Cleantech And Internet Fund: UPDATE

Vinod Khosla is said to have has closed a new $1.05 billion fund that will enable his firm, Khosla Ventures, to continue its cleantech as well as Internet and mobile investing. (Update: The new fund, Khosla Ventures IV, along with a vow not to follow the herd but to originate new areas, was announced in […]

VC Icon Tom Perkins Takes Swipe at Kleiner Perkins’ Big Bets on Cleantech

(Reuters) – Tom Perkins, co-founder of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and the backer of companies ranging from Genentech to Google, believes much of the venture capital industry has set itself up for failure.

“Mathematically, there’s no way that all venture capital in America will make 10 to 1,” or $10 for every dollar invested — a fairly typical return in past years — Perkins told Reuters.

There is too much money chasing too few companies, he said, and the increasingly large sums invested mean failures will hurt more. Firms hit by outsized failures will find it hard to …

Reuters Exclusive: Khosla Loses 2 Partners; Alex Kinnier to Do Startup, Jim Kim’s Plans Unknown

(Reuters) – Partners Jim Kim and Alex Kinnier will depart Khosla Ventures Aug. 15, leaving the firm short of two partners just months after it said it was raising a $1.05 billion fund, Reuters has learned.

Both specialized in renewable energy, a focus of Khosla Ventures, but one that has been slow to reap big returns.

Kinnier will start his own company, a move founding partner Vinod Khosla called “standard.” It was unclear what Kim intends to do upon leaving the venture capital house, which has backed Jawbone-headset makers Aliph and biofuels company Kior.

“Junior folks join for three years typically and then start companies,” he wrote to Reuters in an email. “We have our core set of five partners and though we don’t preclude junior partners becoming senior partners, we expect the majority of them to leave to

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