Obama Campaign Steps up Bain Attacks on Romney

By Reuters News — 4 years ago

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign on Monday stepped up its criticism of Mitt Romney for cutting jobs when he was a business executive, despite a warning from a leading Obama supporter that the attacks have gone too far.


Randy Hawks: Applying Entrepreneurship to Urban Revitalization

By peHUBlogger Network — 5 years ago

“Let’s be entrepreneurial and act like an incubator for urban change. Let’s not be afraid for some ideas to fail. Let’s use base-lining and data analytics to measure and correct.”

These are quotes you might hear coming from a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, someone immersed in a place where innovation is the cultural norm. In fact, these quotes are from Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, N.J., a place where innovation in urban government is becoming the norm. As mayor, Cory combines innovation with entrepreneurship in his approach to urban governance. Cory was in Silicon Valley last week and he addressed a crowd of investors at the Western Association of Venture Capital (WAVC) lunch with his message of urban revitalization, done Silicon Valley style.

As a Rhodes Scholar with an undergraduate degree from Stanford (playing football for the Cardinal as well) and a law degree from Yale, Cory has an uncommon pedigree for the mayor of a gritty, urban city.