VC investing last year most since 2000

Venture capitalists ended 2014 with a bang, putting $13.8 billion into U.S.-based startups in the fourth quarter and lifting the year’s investment total to $52.1 billion. The year was the largest for venture investments since 2000.


Venture Investing At Slowest Pace In Two Years

Venture capitalists began 2013 by pouring money into startups at the slowest pace in two years, suggesting a reset for an industry where dollars coming into new funds has trailed portfolio company investments for six years.

Venture Investing In Europe Slows In 4Q

Venture investing in Europe dropped significantly in the fourth quarter as M&A activity continued at a slow pace in the continent’s soft economy. Capital deployed during the final three months of the year decreased 26% from a year earlier and deal volume slumped 22%, according to Dow Jones VentureSource.

VCs Look To IT Investing In 2013, Expect A Boost In M&A, Survey Finds

Venture capitalists foresee back-to-basics investing in 2013 with money flowing to information technology startups in the enterprise and healthcare markets and away from cleantech and traditional medical science. These same investors are relatively sanguine about their fortunes, with half anticipating an improvement in venture returns

Optimism And Pessimism In A Conflicted Venture Industry; Through It All, Valuations Rise And Down Rounds Largely Do Not

Venture deal volume has slowed. But valuations creep higher. And while many venture capitalists anticipate investing will fall in 2012, they see brightening exit markets for IPOs and M&A. These conflicting views are evident in a venture industry decidedly less optimistic than a year ago and unsettled by the economic realities of a trying year […]

Venture Industry Still Mostly White Guys, But Ethnic Diversity Is Slowly Increasing

Venture capitalism in the United States continues to be an insular industry with men vastly out numbering women and ethnic diversity still at low levels. But some change appears afoot. This is according to a survey of 600 professionals released Monday by the National Venture Capital Association and Dow Jones VentureSource. The study found that […]

Two Views On Cleantech Investing (It’s All In The Numbers)

By most measures, cleantech venture investing reached a respectable total just shy of $4 billion last year. The precise calculation was $3.7 billion, according to the MoneyTree survey released last month by the National Venture Capital Association, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Thomson Reuters (publisher of this blog). That is unless you are at Ernst & Young and […]

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