Venture fundraising in Europe takes off

Venture fundraising in Europe took off in the second quarter, primarily due to a new Index Ventures growth fund. Investing ticked up, too, but not at the same pace.

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European firm Rockaway opens San Francisco office

Rockaway Capital, a Prague-based venture firm focused on Internet companies in emerging markets, has opened an office in the South of Market Area (SoMA) of San Francisco. The firm also has an office in Sao Paolo. Rockaway joins a growing list of venture firms that maintain satellite offices or headquarters in San Francisco, a hotbed of startup tech activity. The firm also said it has invested in four U.S.-based companies that have yet to be announced.


European venture capital rebounds in fourth quarter

The European venture capital business rebounded in the fourth quarter with fundraising and IPOs up and investments to startups growing at a smart pace, too. Twenty-three venture funds raised nearly $2 billion in the quarter, the most money raised in a quarter in two years, and eight IPOs of venture-funded European companies took place.

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Venture Capital Warms to European Biotechs

Private biotech companies globally raised almost $1.3 billion through venture capital deals in the second quarter, up 190 percent from Q1, and European biotechs grabbed 44 percent of that total, according to a report.

Venture Investing In Europe Slows In 4Q

Venture investing in Europe dropped significantly in the fourth quarter as M&A activity continued at a slow pace in the continent’s soft economy. Capital deployed during the final three months of the year decreased 26% from a year earlier and deal volume slumped 22%, according to Dow Jones VentureSource.

European Social Network Viadeo Raises $32M

Europe’s professional networking site Viadeo announced it has raised $32 million in a Series D round from the French Sovereign Fund and the Fonds Stratégique d’Investissement, among other investors. The Paris-based company, which focuses on the European and Chinese markets, previously raised about $18 million in funding from IDinvest Partners and Ventech. PRESS RELEASE VIADEO […]

Slideshow: U.S. Leads World in Cleantech Investing

Cleantech pundits like to point out that the rest of the world is cleaning America’s clock in green technology.

But this isn’t entirely true if you look at venture investing. Especially if you look at the recently completed first quarter, when U.S. venture capitalists accounted for 79% of the global capital dispersed to cleantech startups.

It was the highest percentage since 2002, according to the Cleantech Group.

In our previous cleantech slideshows, we’ve covered the quarter’s solid rebound. First-quarter cleantech investment dollars were up 13% from a year ago and 52% from the fourth quarter to $2.57 billion, according to the Cleantech Group.

While deal volume lagged, it was still up 18% from a year ago. The quarter’s 159 deals proved to be the lowest total since mid-2009 and fell 19% from the fourth quarter’s 189.


Why European Startups Are Eyeing the U.S.

What does the United States have that Europe doesn’t? For Peter Arvai, co-founder and CEO of Prezi, a developer of an online presentation tool that was founded in Hungary, the answer has to do with critical mass. The United States has the market and the access to capital, Arvai writes in the upcoming issue of […]

These Sovereigns Are No Ladies: PE and the Global Crisis

First: Yes, that headline is a Britpop reference to U.K. rapper Lady Sovereign. There’s a PE connection: Ms. Sovereign is, after all, signed with EMI, a label (barely) still owned by Terra Firma.

Just as Ms. Sovereign’s label is in a crisis, so too is much of the European continent. We have irate Germans, rioting overworked Greeks, belt-tightening Iberians and the prospect of the French storming away from the dinner table in a huff.

Surely this must mean something for private equity. Perhaps the potential for collapse of entire currencies will change the whole game.

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