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* Wanna be a bank CEO? Iceland's Arion bank is hiring! * And in the WTF category, we know Goldman Sachs has been the target of a lot of populist ire lately, but are its employees loading up on pistols to defend themselves against a potential uprising? * Harvard has an MBA Oath. To a more perfect world! Or something. * In related b-school news, U.S. MBA programs are casting a wider net in search of international students. Forget China and India. Think Nigeria, Vietnam, and Kazakhstan. * And call this progress. Carlyle has agreed to share more of its fees with investors.
* Incoming New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie asks the state not to make any new private equity investments, pending review (top link). Worth noting that a member of Christie's budgetary task for is Bob Grady, who left The Carlyle Group a few months back. * Gillian Tett: Will sovereign debt become the next subprime? * Wikipedia is getting older, and an unprecedented number of its volunteers are quitting. * Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises early, Europe looks up and both Hong Kong and China jump. * Green shoot #1: PayNet finds that the smallest U.S. businesses -- those with less than $100k in outstanding debts -- have begun borrowing again. * Green shoot #2: S&P reports that distressed debt hits a 17-month low. * Man arrested for not using Twitter. * 16 year-old Charles Allatt thinks he has created Napster 2.0 (i.e., a free P2P music sharing site that isn't illegal).
* All auto eyes are on GM this morning, but last night a bankruptcy court judge okayed the sale of most Chrysler assets to Italy's Fiat SpA. * Todd Dagres: "I say thanks to the grumpy old VCs. Thanks for spreading the word that Venture is over. Just don’t mind me continuing to beat this dead horse. And don’t tell anyone that the dead horse isn’t really dead, but rather, resting in preparation for the next derby." * Morning Call: U.S. futures up sharply, London rises early, European shares climb, the Nikkei nears an 8-month high and Hong Kong jumps on Chinese PMI report. * Just a few months after leaving Atlas Venture, Eric Hjerpe joins up with Jo Tango at Kepha Partners. In other words, I had two VCs from the same firm on my Nantucket Conference panel (but, in my defense, I thought Eric was headed elsewhere). * Terra Firma reportedly pumps another $45 million into EMI, prompting a collective gag from its limited partners. * Richard Bradley on Harvard: "Suddenly, unthinkably, the World's Richest University finds itself forced to reconsider what it can afford to be. (Losing $11 billion will do that.)"

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