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Few sponsors take a final look at what can be improved operationally and financially to generate stronger returns as they prepare to sell.
If it surprises you that video game contests are attracting as many viewers as the Super Bowl on a global scale, you probably haven’t been paying close attention to the dramatic rise of e-sports in recent years.
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A growing number of SPAC sponsors are requiring target companies to undergo IPO readiness assessments.
Enlightened funds no longer see tech as a luxury, but rather as mission critical to attracting investment, winning deals, extracting maximum portfolio value and delivering results.
Dashboard Value VC
Companies have more options than ever before to access private capital across debt, minority or majority equity investments.
For the SPAC sponsor, without the benefit of the portfolio risk management of a venture fund, the risk-reward profile for a private biotech acquisition is not for the faint of heart.
The most significant downside of an increasingly large fund administrator is that customer service may fall by the wayside.
VCJ Fund Performance ROI VC
If a well-structured approach is taken, carve-out transactions can result in shortened TSA periods, accelerated ROI and win-win relationships, writes Paul Lennick of ContinuServe.
The question that continues to plague sponsors seeking to stabilize or enhance value creation is: How do we accurately diagnose a problem with PPMC performance?
Some ideas on how to compete in an industry whose number of active participants has more than doubled in the past ten years.

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