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Sponsors are facing direct exposure and liability as a result of increased scrutiny by the Department of Justice and other enforcement agencies.
Coronavirus has impacted all merger-and-acquisition activity, but it has impacted carve-outs even more.
This is the year when technology changes from being an enhancement to the PE process to being an inseparable part of it.
Thomas Friedman recently argued that “the coronavirus will create a new historical divide: before-Corona (BC) and after-Corona (AC).”
Those who’ve been down the IPO road before get it: preparedness and project management are paramount.
After a volatile end to 2018 and despite fears of a global downturn, Canadian M&A activity remained steady in the first half of 2019.
You signed an agreement to purchase a business, and still have a few months before closing. New regulations are announced which you expect will have a significant negative impact on the target’s business. You are starting to get cold feet—can you walk away before closing? In M&A transactions, one of the main risks that buyers […]
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By Jeffrey Stevenson, VSS Digital-IT and population-health businesses enabling providers – doctors, community and hospital systems – to better analyze data from electronic health records, claims and clinical treatment are poised to become tomorrow’s healthcare-IT winners. This is happening as the industry’s transition from fee-for-service to value-based care has gained momentum. Value-based reimbursement models are […]
technology, software, SaaS. private equity, merger, m&a
By Scott Meyer, Glenview James LLC Everyone wants to invest in a high-growth software-as-a-service deal. It’s the holy grail. But many times PE investors spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on diligence, only to find out that the target business isn’t really SaaS after all. Here’s how to save time and money and make smarter […]
private equity, cybersecurity, hacking, technology, TetherView, Michael Abboud
By Michael Abboud, TetherView Do you have any idea how often hackers attack? A University of Maryland study says a cyberattack on average happens every 39 seconds. That’s 2,200 attempts a day, more than 800,000 a year. Countless companies — Sony, JP Morgan, Target and Equifax, to name just a few — have fallen prey to […]

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