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Patrick McCormick, Plante Moran, private equity, baby boomers
By Patrick McCormick, Plante Moran The boomers are coming: The massive generation born after World War II is starting to hit old age, a turning point that many senior-care operators and investors are viewing as a kind of salvation. As PE in recent years has poured investment into the assisted-living sector, many markets have become […]
Catalyst Investors, Tyler Newton, bias, discrimination, equality, private equity, venture capital
By Tyler Newton, Catalyst Investors  No one these days needs statistics to show that private equity and venture capital are too male-dominated. But here they are, from Bella Private Markets, showing that females control only 3.4% of the assets in PE. Go to investment-firm websites and see how many women are on the investment teams. That’s […]
By Chris Steele, Saggezza Skydivers and police officers know their daily jobs come with inherent risks. Likewise, private equity firms know that any given deal thesis might not realize the expected return on investment, even after meticulous due diligence. But some risks, particularly in IT, can be spotted and addressed pre-deal signing. Unaddressed, these four […]
technology, software, SaaS. private equity, merger, m&a
By Scott B. Meyer, Glenview James Due diligence today requires a deep understanding of digital transformation. In this series, so far we’ve looked at the impact of buzzwords; claims of immunity; and the digital transformation conundrum. In this final installment we’ll examine the importance of a company’s actual process for digital product development. Changing a […]
Private equity, technology, consulting, Accordion, Nick Leopard, Jon Apter
By Nick Leopard and Jon Apter, Accordion A number of private equity firms have retained a “Barbarians at the Gate” fondness for the pre-digital era. Now, the sector’s awakening to automation, systemization and machine collaboration. Welcome to Private Techquity, the beating heart of efficiency. We’re not there just yet. Technology has not yet been woven […]
MHT Partners, healthcare, private equity, hospitals, physicians, merger, M&A
By Patrick Krause, MHT Partners In an ideal world, a patient’s journey through a hospital system would be seamlessly managed to provide a holistic evaluation and treatment of his or her medical needs. The reality is that patients rarely experience an integrated-care approach from admission to discharge and follow-up care. Across this so-called continuum of […]
Kara Murphy, Nirad Jain, Bain & Co, healthcare, private equity
By Kara Murphy and Nirad Jain, Bain & Co Higher prices and more competition for deals — how can a healthcare-PE investor expect to make a decent return these days? Consider the high-level tally for 2018 that Bain & Co recently compiled and analyzed for our annual report on the state of the industry. Disclosed […]
Atlas Holdings, Tim Fazio, private equity
By Tim Fazio, Atlas Holdings The public perceives private equity along a storyline like this: A PE firm buys a business, lades it with unsustainable amounts of debt from undisciplined lenders, and strips out cash to pay itself and its partners a large dividend. Eventually, the business goes bankrupt, leaving behind fractured communities and thousands […]
technology, software, SaaS. private equity, merger, m&a
By Scott B. Meyer, Glenview James LLC Due diligence today needs to begin with the assumption that every deal is a tech deal. So what do you do when you discover that a prospective investment hasn’t fully embraced digital transformation? In this installment of my four-part series, “Making Money When Every Deal is a Tech […]
technology, software, SaaS. private equity, merger, m&a
By Scott B. Meyer, Glenview James LLC It’s easy to look at things in black and white. Tech deal. Not tech deal. The reality is that today every deal is a tech deal. Even old-school industries are facing fundamental technology changes. If they don’t adapt, they’ll be left behind. This is part two of a […]

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