Ron Palmeri

Ron Palmeri Slowly Escapes the Long Shadow of Halsey Minor

Ron Palmeri easily admits that were it not for serial entrepreneur Halsey Minor, he wouldn’t be where he is today. But Palmeri says today that as Minor’s right-hand man at Minor’s now defunct venture capital firm Minor Ventures, he did far more than execute on Minor’s visionary ideas. Crucially, Palmeri says, he was coming up with many of them.

Top 10 Posts this Week Focus on San Francisco Shindig Photos, Connecticut’s Hits and Misses and Ben Smith’s Take on Entrepreneurship

You just love to look at yourself, don’t you? Photos of our recent San Francisco Shindig were by far the most popular post on peHUB this week, judging by pageviews from our regular readers. Other top posts included Connecticut’s biggest hits and misses with PE and VC investments, Ben Smith’s take on entrepreneurship and Halsey Minor’s reflections on Steve Jobs.

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TWO: Connecticut’s Biggest PE/VC Hits and Misses (slideshow)by David Toll
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FOUR: SLIDESHOW: Ivy League Endowments – Who Did Best In FY2011? (subscribers only) – by Gregory Roth
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SEVEN: Halsey Minor: What Steve Jobs Taught Meby Halsey Minor
EIGHT: Lynn Tilton Didn’t Get Her Reality Show But Will Be on 20/20 This Weekby Luisa Beltran
NINE: Q3 VC Deals Surge in NY, Texas and Northwest, But Falter in New England, LA and Midwest (slideshow)by Mark Boslet
TEN: RockPort Feels Pain from Betting Big on Solyndra, Going ‘All In’ on Cleantechby Nichola Groom and Sarah McBride, Reuters


Halsey Minor: What Steve Jobs Taught Me

In 1998 I was asked to speak at Mac World. It marked the first time Steve Jobs had returned to his company and would speak at the famous Mac World event.

What I didn’t know when invited was that I was scheduled to speak immediately after Mr. Jobs. I, like everyone else in the audience, sat mesmerized as he stepped comfortably back into his old shoes and articulated a simple plan for reforming Apple Computer. Things were so bad at the company at that moment Michael Dell famously quipped ‘Steve should shut down the company and give the money back to stock holders.’ Michael later regretted the statement when Apple’s market value sky rocketed past his own company’s.

Nobody really believed Apple could be saved, and even though I was speaking at Mac World I was not so sure myself.


Halsey Minor Sticks It to Virginia, Again

Virginia may be for lovers, but while many residents were enjoying Valentine’s Day on Monday, CNet cofounder Halsey Minor was filing for Chapter 11 – again. At issue? Carter’s Grove, an historic, Georgian-style mansion in Williamsburg that Minor agreed to buy from Colonial Williamsburg in late 2007 for $15.3 million. After Minor failed to make two […]

Craig Walker on the Earliest Days of Google Voice

Earlier today, the New York Times reported that Google Ventures has hired Craig Walker, “the man behind Google Voice,” to become an entrepreneur-in-residence and, hopefully, to build a new startup. Walker has been a product manager for real-time communications at Google since 2007, when it spent $50 million to acquire his Internet phone startup, GrandCentral, […]


Halsey Minor, Common Man, on Fighting the “Moneymen”

CNet cofounder Halsey Minor has had a tough couple of years, after a lavish spending spree that ended only when everyone began to sue him for the payments owed them.

Now Minor, who says his next project centers on pleasure craft called Alpha Yachts, has penned a piece in the Huffington Post, blaming all of his woes on banking institutions. Because Minor himself forwarded it to me — apparently it was lost in the clutter of Huffington Post’s other editorials yesterday — I’m running it in its entirety.

The title is “Why I Fight,” though detractors might think it should have been called: “Why I Fight? Because I’m Constantly Getting Sued.”

David Ulevitch is Growing Up, and So Is His Company

In the Web world, David Ulevitch is a bit like the ubiquitous Waldo of the childrens’ book series. First came the job at a regional ISP at age 12. By his junior year of high school outside San Diego, he was working at the free music-sharing company He was still there when it went public in 1999, and when it imploded under the weight of a lawsuit by Universal Music Group less than a year later.

Ulevitch was also a participant in the VA Linux IPO. (He was awarded stock for writing software used by the company; it paid for his college education at Washington University in St. Louis.) And Ulevitch was one of the first employees hired at the ad network AdBrite after entrepreneur Philip Kaplan spun the business out of his popular site,

Ulevitch, now 28, will be on the scene a lot longer, judging by the trajectory of his own four-and-a-half-year-old, San Francisco-based company, OpenDNS. Boring as it may sound, by providing a way for consumers to improve their page loading times, as well as protecting them from phishing scams and empowering them to block sites, OpenDNS has become one of the most promising startups around. Indeed, despite competitors like UltraDNS and, more recently, Google, which launched its own DNS service last December, OpenDNS is uniformly acknowledged as the leader in its field — and its business is ballooning.

The Genius of Minor Ventures? Now 2 for 7 with Another Hit Expected

CNet co-founder Halsey Minor isn’t too popular in Silicon Valley or his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia. And he’s in a world of financial trouble. Among other woes, he’s embroiled in a lawsuit with the auction house Christie’s (he recently lost a case against Sotheby’s); he owes $21.6 million to creditor ML Private Finance (the Merrill Lynch affiliate will collect proceeds from the sale of Minor’s contemporary art collection next week); and he was recently identified as California’s biggest tax scofflaw.

Still, you have to say this for Minor: he has a sharp eye for talent.

Halsey Minor Tops California’s List of Tax Scofflaws

Just when you think it can’t get worse for CNet cofounder Halsey Minor, it does. Earlier this week, the California Franchise Tax Board released a list of the 250 most egregious tax delinquents. Topping the list — numero uno — is Minor and wife Shannon, who owe the state $13,120,479.39. Minor’s financial troubles aren’t new, if their depth […]


Halsey Minor Barely Escapes Foreclosure

Readers of this column know that I’ve written numerous times about CNet cofounder Halsey Minor, both here and in the now-defunct Conde Nast magazine Portfolio. It’s been hard not to watch Minor with some fascination. Minor was phenomenally successful at a young age. CNet went public just four years after its 1992 founding, netting him […]


Halsey Minor: Horse Racing Impresario? Not So Fast

CNET founder turned VC Halsey Minor is desperate to revive the sport of horse racing, but the sport’s declining fan base is just one of numerous obstacles in his way. Minor first went public with his campaign to restore some glamour to the industry back in July, announcing his ambition to buy Florida’s historic — […]


Sotheby’s Suing Halsey Minor

CNet founder Halsey Minor has never been one to shy away from a fight, although his latest battle is a bit unexpected. Minor is being sued by auction house Sotheby’s, which claims he did not pay $16.8 million for several pieces of artwork he committed to buy back in May. This includes a piece by renowned American folk painter Edward Hicks — titled, ironically, “The Peaceable Kingdom.”

So I asked Minor about Sotheby’s allegations. He responds after the jump.

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