peHUB First Read

First Read helps close out another snowy week with news Apple Pay has been stung by low-tech fraudsters, Formation8 has been dropped from U.S. sexual assault lawsuit and Glenn Beck’s top execs quit to form digital media startup.

John Doerr shows a flexible solar panel in Stanford

peHUB Second Opinion

In Second Opinion, the NASDAQ hits 5000 for the first time in 15 years, Google confirms plans on becoming a wireless carrier and Kleiner Perkins General Partner John Doerr is expected to testify in the Pao gender discrimination trial.

Reinventing KP

Reinventing Kleiner Perkins

This week, two widely read pieces have been published about the trials and tribulations of Kleiner Perkins — and how it plans to regain its spot at the top of the venture capital universe. But neither addresses the biggest issue confronting the 41-year-old firm.

Rewind: A Quick Look at Friday’s Posts

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* Value of PE-Backed Tech M&A Jumped 60% in Q2, by Luisa Beltran
* Jay Jordan: Re-Install Glass-Steagall, China’s Dangerous Shadow Banking System, S&P’s Credibility and Other Ruminations , by Bernard Vaughan
* VCJ Report: Photo Shopping, by Alastair Goldfisher
* NY Life Capital Raising $1B Fund For Mezz, by Steve Bills
* Life Sciences Venture Investing Represents 7th Best Quarter On Record, But All Is Not Blue Skies, by Mark Boslet
* Market Downturn Is Good if It Makes VCs More Selective About Companies They Take Public, by Lawrence Aragon
* Dealtalk: Crisis May Scuttle $2B+ in Euro M&A Fees, by Victoria Howley and Simon Meads, Reuters
* Schmidt’s Tomorrow Ventures Joins Others in BrightTag Funding , by Jonathan Marino
* Poll Results: John Doerr Is Ready for Reality TV, by Luisa Beltran
* Google, Facebook in Social Gaming Throwdown, by Alexei Oreskovic, Reuters
* Slideshow: Colorado PERA Top-10 Performing Funds Since 1982, by David Toll
* peHUB First Read, by Jonathan Marino

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