The Latest Salvo In Jonathan Abrams’ War Against Evite

By Connie Loizos — 7 years ago

Pretty much since its 2007 founding, event-sharing site Socializr has been at war with 11-year-old Evite, which remains popular with users despite few upgrades since the being acquired by IAC in 2001. For example, just months after Socializr was launched by Jonathan Abrams — also the creator of social-networking site Friendster — Evite sent the San Francisco-based startup a letter threatening to sue it for copyright infringement.

Not only was letter was ”completely absurd,” as Abrams told me at the time, but soon after, he wrote a scathing 2,500 diatribe against Evite explicating why — an attack that was picked up by numerous media outlets and that is still available here.