Is Mark Cuban Right About Internet Pyramid Scheme?

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Connie Loizos hit a nerve with her post today about Mark Cuban‘s take on the current mania over certain Internet companies, such as Facebook, Twitter and Zynga. Cuban says we’re really not in a new Internet bubble. Instead, we’re seeing “the 2011 version of a private equity chain letter.” The early investors in these companies will do just fine, but the last VC who comes in at an insane valuation is going to be left holding the bag, Cuban says.

Mark Cuban Cleared of Insider Trading Charges

Six weeks after the SEC’s inspector general began probing claims that staffers acted improperly while compiling a case against self-made billionaire Mark Cuban, the agency’s insider trading case has been thrown out. Tweeted Cuban earlier: “Its been a great day so far, and its only going to get better! Back to Dallas to see the [family].” It was […]

Smash Makes a Splash with Backing from Mark Cuban

Two-year old Smash Technologies, whose SMS messaging platform is designed to provide businesses with smarter ways to reach their customers, has raised raised a $1.35 million seed round led by tech entrepreneur, investor and Dallas Mavericks’ owner/superfan Mark Cuban.

The company, which has an office is San Francisco, is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Cuban’s home town. Among those to try out its services are McDonalds, the Harlem Globetrotters, and the Miller Brewing Company.


Mark Cuban Fined $25K for Twitter Trash Talk

Internet billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was filed $25,000 over the weekend for “tweeting” his thoughts about the elbow that Denver Nuggets player J.R. Smith threw at the Maverick’s Antoine Wright.

Cuban appears to have kept his sense of humor about the fine, though it strikes me as ludicrous, given the relatively innocuous nature of his comments (and frankly, footage that suggests that he was right).

Mark Cuban’s Very Good Point

Internet billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban may be facing an insider trading claim by the Securities & Exchange commission, but he has some useful advice regarding how to track down a real crook. At his site, Blog Maverick, Cuban says that were he working for the SEC or a news organization assigned to cover […]

Mark Cuban in Serious Trouble: SEC Files Insider Trading Charges Against Him

Sharesleuth.com describes itself as an “independent Web-based reporting aimed at exposing securities fraud and corporate chicanery… Call it journalism. Call it investigative blogging. Call it what you will.”

We’ll call it “ironic,” given that the SEC has just filed insider-trading charges against Sharesleuth’s main backer, tech billionaire Mark Cuban.

The SEC alleges that Cuban sold his 6% stake in Canadian-based Internet search company Mamma.com in 2004, after being told by management that it was going to announce a PIPE financing. According to the SEC, Cuban, who has called PIPE financings “a huge red flag,” almost immediately

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