peHUB Second Opinion

In Second Opinion, Kleiner Perkins portrays Ellen Pao as combative and resentful in gender discrimination trial, police seize $10 million worth of marijuana hidden in frozen avocados and look out, “Star Wars: Episode VIII” is coming in May 2017.


peHUB Second Opinion

In Second Opinion, the Supreme Court appears divided on Obamacare, IBM acquires AlchemyAPI and if you want to work at Facebook, then you better act like Mark Zuckerberg’s boss.

A woman walks next to a car with a tattered Canadian flag, in the parking lot of a Target store in Lindsay, Ontario

peHUB Second Opinion

In Second Opinion, it’s a lot easier to travel to Cuba now, Target is leaving Canada, Google will no longer sell its Google Glass eyewear and Xbox One wins the holiday console war.


peHUB First Read

First Read kicks off your New Year with news Alibaba rival Wanda E-commerce raising $161 mln at $3 bln valuation, the biggest cyber-security threats of 2015 and investors bought into nearly $250 bln in global IPOs in 2014.


peHUB Second Opinion

In Second Opinion, we have how to deal with an intern who tries to blackmail you, Uber’s gross revenue is expected to hit a run rate of about $10 billion, why Jeff Bezos should split Amazon in two and the world is running out of chocolate.

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks at the WSJD Live conference in Laguna Beach

peHUB Second Opinion

In Second Opinion, we have Apple CEO Tim Cook’s big announcement, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will host a public Q&A session on Nov. 6 and you can get Ebola from a sneeze

ebola drug testing

peHUB Second Opinion

In Second Opinion, social security checks will increase by $22 each month, Mark Zuckerberg does his first public Q&A in Mandarin and Roku raises another $25 mln round of funding.


peHUB Second Opinion

In Second Opinion, Google reveals another SSL vulnerability, Mark Zuckerberg pays $100 mln for 700 acres in Hawaii and the U.S. Supreme Court is allowing California to continue to ban foie gras.

polar bear

peHUB Second Opinion

In Second Opinion, polar bears find a new source of food, EMC and HP held on and off merger talks for nearly a year and expect the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to go on sale in 2015.


peHUB Second Opinion

In Second Opinion, Amazon Prime will now be offering streaming music, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife donate $120 mln to needy Bay Area schools and why working at Vice Media isn’t as cool as it seem.


peHUB First Read

Today, First Read would like you to know that Yahoo wants to become Apple’s default search engine, Yahoo’s former COO left after only 15 months with a severance package worth $58 mln, a Tokyo court rejected bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox’s bankruptcy plan and a new browser for the dark web that makes it easier to find illegal stuff.

Supporters of U.S. soldier Bradley Manning. Photo by Kevin Lamarque of Reuters

peHUB Second Opinion 8.21

In today’s Second Opinion, Bradley Manning gets 35 years in WikiLeaks case, the Fed keeps watchers waiting, even more revelations about NSA spying, Zuckerberg’s big dream and why it makes more sense to collect welfare than work a minimum-wage job in most states.

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