Virtu’s IPO set to land, a year after postponement-Reuters

By Reuters News — 10 months ago

Shares of Virtu Financial Inc (VIRT.O), an electronic market maker that postponed its IPO a year ago amid the furor over Michael Lewis’ book “Flash Boys,” are slated to begin trading on Thursday in a possible sign that public angst over “high-frequency” trading is waning, Reuters reported.


peHUB Second Opinion 5.12.10

By Heidi Moore — 6 years ago

Carried Interest Taxes: The Obama reckoning has come.
Related: KKR is afraid of interference from the gubmint.

Flash Crash: We just had a hearing yesterday; yet another panel is coming. This crash is the best thing to happen for bureaucracy since the Kremlin.

The Fed: Its superpowers remain intact; it will continue to oversee small banks.

SAP: It’s buying Sybase for $5.25 billion. Like so much in life, the deal is really about Oracle.