Top 10 Hub Posts This Week

By Lawrence Aragon — 5 years ago

Want to catch up on what your colleagues found most interesting on peHUB this week? Here are the posts written by our staff that garnered the most pageviews from March 7 to March 11.

1. Disqus to Facebook: “We Aren’t Shaking In Our Boots” – by Connie Loizos.

2. Is Savvis Finally Up for Sale? Tech Co. Said to Have Hired Qatalyst – by Luisa Beltran.

3. Schwarzman, At $5.9B, Among Richest LBO Pros (Well Ahead Of Kravis) – by Steve Bills.

4. Summit Partners Raising $3B Growth Equity, $450M Venture Funds – by Mark Boslet.

5. Doerr, Moritz Make Forbes’ Billionaire List; Will They Make the Resurrected Midas List, Too? – by Alastair Goldfisher.

6. Israeli Venture Funds Raised Zero Dollars in 2010; The Situation is “Critical” – by Connie Loizos.

7. HCA Doesn’t Look So Bad. Here’s The Top 10 PE-backed IPOs – by Luisa Beltran.

8. It Took Two Years But Wynnchurch’s Third Fund Comes In at $603M – by Luisa Beltran.

9. This Anti-Registration Campaign Might Have Legs – by Bernard Vaughan.

10. Sequoia, Google Ventures Join $32M Round For HubSpot – by Mark Boslet.


Moritz’s Cleantech Play Launches A Global Warming Sensor Network

By Mark Boslet — 5 years ago

I might not ordinarily cover a new product announcement from a cleantech portfolio company. But this one struck me for a particular reason: Michael Moritz of Sequoia Capital is on the four-person board, along two members of the private equity firm HarbourVest Partners. What’s interesting is that the company – rebranded Earth Networks Inc. today […]


Moritz on Great Entrepreneurs, Cleantech, 25 Years at Sequoia, Valuations, More

By Joanna Glasner — 5 years ago

Remarkable founders don’t come across as “silvery tongued devils,” says Michael Moritz of Sequoia Capital. Rather, they’re often shy, quiet and rather withdrawn. That was one of the observations Moritz made last night in a one-hour Q&A at startup incubator Kicklabs. The Xconomy-hosted event was provocatively titled “Michael Moritz Unplugged,” but the star VC didn’t […]


Moritz’s Provocative Claim: Silicon Valley Needs Just $400M a Year

By Mark Boslet — 5 years ago

A lot of venture capitalists are concerned about how their industry is shrinking, but Michael Moritz isn’t one of them. A partner at Sequoia Capital, Moritz was one of several VCs at yesterday’s DLA Piper Global Technology Leaders Summit who claimed the industry might be better off contracting. “I don’t think Silicon Valley needs all […]