Woof! Woof! The 10 Biggest Dogs in UTIMCO’s Portfolio (slideshow)

By Lawrence Aragon — 4 years ago

After bringing you two slideshows that focused on the best-performing funds backed by the University of Texas Management Co., it’s time to “keep it real” by sharing the biggest losers.

(PeHUB subscribers can see our two previous slideshows here: UTIMCO in 17 Active Funds with IRRs > 25%Union Square, Other Early Stage Tech VCs Kick Ass for UTIMCO.)

We took a look at returns for all of UTIMCO’s active funds and found 10 that were at least a decade old and had negative internal rates of return as of May 31. The university pension fund invested a total of $176.2 million in those vehicles. In return, UTIMCO has received cash distributions of just $55.7 million (or less than one-third of what it put in). And it has no hope …


Top 10 Hub Posts This Week Focus On Accel Returns, Michael Arrington, Hot VC Markets

By David M. Toll — 5 years ago

What was hot on peHUB this week? Posts that garnered the most pageviews from regular readers from June 20 to June 24 included reader opinions about the SEC’s registration carve-out for venture capital firms; returns generated by Austin Ventures and Morgenthaler provided by UTIMCO (for the second week in a row); and the top five strategic buyers of sponsor-backed companies; and more.

1. Accel-erating Returns at the Top-Tier VC, by Jonathan Marino

2. UTIMCO Holds 7 Austin Ventures Funds, 4 of Which Have Negative IRRS, by Mark Boslet (subscribers only)

3. New Venture Commitments Fall at UTIMCO, by Mark Boslet

4. The Flame-Throwing History of Michael Arrington, by Connie Loizos

5. IRRs for Eight Morgenthaler , Courtesy of UTIMCO Funds, by Mark Boslet (subscribers only)

6. Cloud, Social Media, Health Services Top List of Hottest Venture Markets, by Mark Boslet

7. 5 Top Strategic Buyers Of Sponsor-Backed Companies, by Bernard Vaughan

8. Winklevoss Twins Give Up Facebook Appeal, by Jonathan Stempel

9. Top 10 Winners in Pandora’s IPO, by Lawrence Aragon (subscribers only)

10. TALK BACK: The SEC Defines Venture Capital, by Jonathan Marino


Spectacular M&As, Healthier IPOs, Happier LPs: VCs Upbeat About 2011

By Mark Boslet — 5 years ago

Venture capitalists are generally an optimistic bunch, so it’s no surprise that for 2011 they foresee a better IPO landscape and lucrative acquisition deals. But what I found interesting in a handful of forecasts submitted by GPs was this: They see excited LPs willing to invest more aggressively in venture funds. What a turnabout that […]


Breaking Point: Who Cracks Under Pressure?

By David M. Toll — 5 years ago

Heat and high pressure have a way of magnifying the significance of flaws—a fact well-known to potters, glassblowers and private equity investors.

Under ordinary circumstances a particular biotech executive might be a paradigm of ethical behavior. She could easily enjoy a 40-year career at a pharmaceutical company without demonstrating a single serious lapse in judgment.

But install that same executive at the helm of a biotech startup. Have her put her life savings at risk. Then tell her the company’s prospects for raising a second round of financing hinge on the results of the latest clinical trials. Your odds of having picked the right executive for the job may be lower than you think.


Morgenthaler Private Equity Does Pair of Deals

By PEHub Administrator — 6 years ago

Morgenthaler Private Equity announced that is has acquired Enginetics Aerospace, a Huber Hights, Ohio-based maker of metal components for commercial and military aircraft engines. No financial terms were disclosed.

The firm also disclosed that it has sponsored a recapitalization of Satellite Logistics Group, a Houston-based provider of reverse logistics solutions and related services to the beer and beverage industry.


Morgenthaler Hires New Private Equity Co-Head

By Dan Primack — 7 years ago

Kevin Macdonald has joined Morgenthaler as co-managing partner of the firm’s private equity team, peHUB has learned. He will work out of the firm’s Boston office, and succeeds John Lutsi (who will transition into an operating partner role). Fellow co-managing partner Al Stanley will continue to be based in Cleveland.

“The recruitment process really came from two different directions at once,” says Macdonald, a former co-founder and managing partner of Monitor Clipper Partners. “Morgenthaler was working with one of the top search firms, but it turns out that Al and I have a number of friends in common. One of them knew what I was looking for and what Al was looking for, and put us in touch with one another.”

If Macdonald’s hiring comes as a bit of a surprise, then it’s probably because you assumed that Morgenthaler was abandoning the buyout business. It’s okay. I thought so too, particularly given: (a) The firm’s prolonged lack of buyout deal activity; and (b) Last year’s raising of a $400 million venture-only fund, after years of venture/buyout hybrids.


Bridget Rauvola Joins Morgenthaler

By PEHub Administrator — 7 years ago

Bridget Rauvola has joined Morgenthaler as a partner in charge of investor relations. She had spent the past 16 years with Frazier Healthcare Ventures as senior vice president of marketing and investor relations. She is based in Boulder, Colorado.