Slideshow: Top Unique Accounting Techniques for IPO Candidates

Usually, people with a strong creative streak get steered into professions like fine arts or fiction writing. But judging from the IPO filings I’ve been reading over the past few months, career advisors should consider a new job category: accounting. From novel income recognition metrics to the introduction of new asset classes for durable and […]

Mobile Is Going Viral. So Why Are Sequoia And Kleiner Crowing?

Mobile is finally coming into its own. Mobile startups are reaching scale, with revenue of sometimes $100 million or more. Facebook and Zynga, once tethered to the wired Internet, are seeing massive mobile traffic. And Internet radio service Pandora Media now gets more users from mobile devices than desktop computers, a reversal of the past […]

IPO View: Profitless Pandora Pricks Tech Bubble

(Reuters) – It had all the signs of another dotcom bubble: A startup without a convincing business plan or any foreseeable chance of turning a profit saw its shares soar in the first hours after its stock market debut. The difference this time — one that cost some investors money but provided a measure of […]

Pandora Eyes Mid-June IPO as VC Stakes’ Value Leap Past $1B–CORRECTED

In a sign of continued strength for late-stage, VC-backed tech and Internet companies, Pandora Media boosted the number of shares it is offering along with their price.

Today, Pandora said in an amended filing it will now sell14.68 million shares at $10 to $12 each. This is up from the 13.68 million shares at $7 to $9 each that Pandora previously planned to offer. At $11 share, the mid-point of the IPO price range, Pandora could raise $161.5 million.

Pandora is expected to price its IPO on June 15 and trade the next day, a source says.

VCJ Report: The IPO Window is Open

It’s still a matter of fun conjecture as to when Facebook, Groupon, Twitter or Zynga will launch their IPOs. But for now, it doesn’t matter. This year is already turning out to be a good one for VC-backed IPOs. As Mark Boslet, senior editor of Venture Capital Journal, reported in the upcoming May issue: The […]

The Pandora Effect: Will We See More Music-Related Tech Deals?

Investing in a music-related startup sounds cool, doesn’t it? Imagine if you invested in RootMusic, which recently raised a $2.3 million round. You’d get to go to their San Franciso digs and listen to music all day. Just last week, Pandora Media registered to raise $100 million in an IPO. Yesterday, TuneUp added $2 million to […]

TuneUp Adds $2M to Series C, as VCs Continue to Dial Up Music Deals

From now on, every time a music-related tech company raises funding, it’ll probably be mentioned it’s as a result of ‘the Pandora effect.’ Such might be the case today, following the announcement of San Francisco-based TuneUp Media, a developer of an add-on tool for Apple’s iTunes and the Windows Media Player programs that helps clean […]

Crosslink, Walden, Greylock Would Be Biggest Winners in Pandora IPO

Popular Internet radio streaming service Pandora Media Inc. filed Friday for a $100 million IPO that should bring profits to investors Crosslink Capital, Walden Venture Capital and Greylock Partners. The money-losing company has 80 million listeners, a 50% share of the Internet-radio-listening audience at the nation’s top 20 stations, and revenue of $55.2 million for […]

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