North Korean leader Kim Jong Un smiles as he meets athletes who won gold medals at the 17th Asian Games and recent world championships alongside their coaches

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In Second Opinion, Google plans to roll out child-friendly versions of its most popular products, Amazon launches its answer to Grubhub, governments have become the world’s best hackers, and now you can’t have a name similar to Kim Jong-un in North Korea.

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Top 10 PE posts: You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes

In this week’s top 10 private equity posts, Morgan Stanley Capital Partners and Hamilton Lane are looking for a couple of good VPs, Blackstone wants to peddle Apria, and LPs have GPs feeling like they’re in an Eagles song.


Venture Capital Overhang Down A Precipitous 37%

Venture capitalists have been investing more than they raised for six years. According to PitchBook, the industry’s overhang of investable capital has fallen 37% since 2008 to $53.3 billion at the end of last year.


Venture Investing Remains Soft In First Quarter

The first quarter won’t close till Sunday, but an early look at the period finds the soft venture-investment environment continued. Venture capitalists in the United States put $6.2 billion to work in the quarter fueling 707 deals, according to a tally by PitchBook


Distributions From Venture Funds Spike

Venture capital returns creep ahead in fits and starts. Distributions to LPs, however, have gone through the roof. In the third quarter of 2012, they hit their highest level since 2001, and they look poised to go higher in the fourth quarter and beyond.

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