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First Read ushers in your morning with news that hackers have stolen over 250,000 Apple accounts with IOS malware, a former Secret Service agent pleads guilty in bitcoin theft and mazel tov to Marissa Mayer. The Yahoo CEO is expecting twin girls.


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In Second Opinion, Google hires Ruth Morat of Morgan Stanley as its new finance chief, President Obama recruits Twitter vet Jason Goldman as the White House’s first chief digital officer and the “X-Files” returns to Fox after 13 years.

Drink coasters are shown for sale at the Monroe County Heritage Museum in Monroeville

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In Second Opinion, Amazon is in talks to buy some RadoShack stores, the fear that keeps small business owners awake at night and Harper Lee, who wrote “To Kill a Mockingbird,” will publish her second novel in July


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In Second Opinion, Ford isn’t falling all over itself to release a self-driving car, Google is plotting a move into auto insurance and Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone eight years ago today.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un stands on the conning tower of a submarine during his inspection of the KPA Naval Unit 167

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In Second Opinion, Facebook’s popularity among teens falls again, Citigroup says Instragram is now worth $35 billion and the FBI now concludes that North Korea was responsible for the Sony Pictures hack.


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First Read ends your week with Starbucks planning on launching a high-end chain, JP Morgan continues its run as a top-ranked investment bank and a court rules that chimpanzees are not people and not entitled to legal rights.

Actor Cosby speaks at the National Action Network's 20th annual Keepers of the Dream Awards gala in New York

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In Second Opinion, Yahoo is now the default search engine for Mozilla’s Firefox browser, Amazon’s Fire Stick is shipping now for $39 and President Obama to act unilaterally on his new immigration plan. Plus, does Uber need some adult supervision?


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On this Veterans Day, First Read reveals President Obama is urging the FCC to adopt net neutrality, Deutsche Telekom has launched a $620 mln fund for German startups and an oil tycoon is ordered to pay $1 bln in a divorce settlement, making it possibly the most expensive ever.


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In Second Opinion, AT&T is buying Iusacell for $2.5 bln, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan acquires a stake in BlackBerry, Hackers steal Home Depot addresses and cigars may be as bad for your health as cigarettes.


peHUB First Read

First Read reveals several Wall Street firms allegedly invested in Mugabe’s government amid massacre, how to 3-D print a master key that opens advanced locks and Amazon is going after Google’s core business.


peHUB First Read

To start your morning, the eurozone is in turmoil, the Internet has grown too big for its aging infrastructure and President Obama won’t return donations from execs who profited from tax inversions.


peHUB First Read

First Read woke up to snow this morning. Sigh. To start your snowy day, we have Motorola Solutions selling part of its business for $3.45 bln, President Obama’s justification of NSA exploiting software vulnerabilities and how CVC has generated a 751.3% return on Formula One auto racing.

Question of the Week: Deal or No Deal on Debt Ceiling Compromise?

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

A compromise to raise the debt ceiling is starting to look unlikely as we stare down the Aug. 2 deadline. Democrats and Republicans continue to spar like angry children.

Lack of a compromise could produce dire consequences. Without a deal, the U.S. could be downgraded and a default could send the country into another recession (and possibly doom Obama’s

Social Scene: Hard-to-Get Seats at Obama’s Facebook Town Hall, Foundry Dudes Rock a New Band, 13-Year-Old’s Entreprenurial Spirit Inspires

In this week’s Social Scene, VCs and techies scramble for tickets to President Obama‘s town hall meeting at Facebook, Ryan McIntyre and Jason Mendelson are rocking a new band, David Hornik‘s son shows entrepreneurial fire at 13, Leglise, Higginbotham and Kim get ready to celebrate their birthdays, and lots of clever tweets.

The biggest news in Silicon Valley this week was President Obama’s town hall meeting yesterday at Facebook’s headquarters in Palo Alto. CEO Mark Zuckerberg donned a white dress shirt, tie and suit jacket for the occasion, but he couldn’t be talked out of wearing jeans and running shoes. (What is he, 12?) About 500 Facebook employees

In Health Care Investing, Some VCs See Opportunities

A lot has been said about the health care reform shepherded by the Obama Administration and passed by the 111th Congress–both good and bad. In venture, there is an uncertainty over how the legislation will unfold and which startups will have the best chance of prospering. Some believe efforts and technologies to migrate retirees to […]

What Investors Who Aren’t in India Might Be Missing

Yesterday, I was able to catch up with Rob Chandra, a 10-year veteran of Bessemer Venture Partners, and its lead investor in India, which has attracted $40 billion in foreign capital this year and provided Bessemer with two IPOs.

I asked Chandra to make the case for why more investors should refocus attention on the country; he did so easily. Our conversation, edited for length, follows.

What’s one of the biggest differences between investing in Indian companies versus those in the U.S.?

In a lot of emerging markets, the investment opportunities tend to be working with families. In the U.S. context, you tend not to fund families.

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