With Glut of New Facebook Shares Freed, Analyst Predicts Stock Could Hit $15

Today, the third tranche of restrictions locking up Facebook shares expires, and the quantity of shares available to trade – roughly 800 million, or 36 percent of the stock outstanding — is stunning.
The big questions, of course, are how many shareholders – and, importantly, which of them — will use the occasion to turn that stock into cold, hard cash.

Sam Hamadeh

Is This Guy, Sam Hamadeh, for Real?

Sam Hamadeh, head of private company research firm PrivCo, has a history of making bold and bearish statements about hot social media companies, including his recent comment that Facebook’s Zuckerberg is “in over his hoodie” as CEO. Is he just trying to get attention?


Jawbone Raised $160M Last Year: Now What?

In the last twelve months, Jawbone, a 12-year-old, San Francisco-based company best known for its elegant Bluetooth headsets, has raised an astonishing $159 million, including $40 million just weeks ago from J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Deutsche Telekom, and Russian investor Yuri Milner. While the company didn’t disclose the valuation of its latest round, the Wall […]


Analyst: Zynga’s Valuation Now Closer to $5.5 Billion (Updated)

Public market investors who once hungrily awaited the IPO of Zynga keep receiving more to digest about the company. It’s not clear how the confusing array of data will settle with them, either. While Zynga’s July 1 S-1 filing was met with much fanfare, some worrisome numbers have emerged since, including in a September amendment […]

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Mark Pincus Puts the Squeeze on His Investors

While Groupon’s Andrew Mason takes a drubbing, another CEO is apparently having a very good week. According to a document obtained by Bloomberg last week, the social games juggernaut Zynga has amended its stock structure to give its savvy founder and CEO Mark Pincus a stunning 70 times more voting power than people who buy the company’s shares in its eventual IPO.

Bloomberg says Zynga’s board has already approved the new structure, which also gives the company’s current shareholders and pre-IPO investors seven votes per share. (Usually, if a company is going to establish separate voting rights, it is via a dual-stock structure that gives superior shares 10 votes per share, while inferior votes have one vote for share.)

The company just needs the rest of its shareholders to agree to the new stock structure by tomorrow…

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