Sometimes Those Panel Pile-Ups Can Pay Off

By Dan Primack — 6 years ago

Fred Wilson today blogged about the “panel pile-up,” in which a dozen or so entrepreneurs line up to pitch him after speaking at a conference. Not surprisingly, Fred doesn’t believe such situations are ideal for in-depth interactions (he suggests folks just take 60 seconds to give name, rank, serial number and why you want to meet with him).

Anyway, it got me to wondering if any VCs have done a deal in which the initial point of contact was made as part of a “panel pile-up.” I threw out the question in this morning’s peHUB Wire, and received two positive replies. Get them after the jump…


RingRevenue Raises $3.5 Million

By PEHub Administrator — 7 years ago

RingRevenue Inc., a Santa Barbara, Calif.-based provider of a pay-per-call platform for the affiliate network market, has raised $3.5 million in Series A funding. GRP Partners led the round, and was joined by Rincon Venture Partners and Great Pacific Capital.