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To end your week, First Read has advice for interns from a group of tech luminaries, President Obama lashes out against inversions and SecondMarket founder Barry Silbert is stepping down as CEO to focus on bitcoin.


peHUB Second Opinion

In Second Opinion, Amazon posts a larger Q2 loss, Barry Silbert is stepping down as SecondMarket CEO and even Comic-Con bans Google Glass. Plus Kristen Bell, as Mary Poppins, sings for a wage increase.


Structure Capital backs Equidate

Equidate has raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding. The investors included Structure Capital and Quora co-founder Charlie Cheever. Also, the company has named John-Paul Teutonico as its head of strategic operations. Teutonico is the former chief administrative officer at SecondMarket. Equidate is a marketplace for startup shares.


Bitcoin miner host company HashPlex grabs $400K

HashPlex has received $400,000 in seed funding. Barry Silbert of Bitcoin Opportunity Corp and SecondMarket, and Jason Prado, co-founder of Plannr, led the round. Based in Seattle, HashPlex is a hosting solution provider for cryptocurrency mining.


SecondMarket’s New Life As A Stock Buyback Site

SecondMarket’s real long-term value may finally be emerging as a private company stock buy-back site. This seems to be the conclusion of the company’s third-quarter transaction report, issued earlier this month.


A Year of Truth for Secondary Markets as Big Players Move to Public Markets; Millennium Sees Big Growth Ahead

Last year was pretty solid year for the secondary market. SecondMarket’s results are just one example. The online exchange for private company shares said its transaction volume surged 55% to $558 million as ex-employees, investors and founders sold shares to institutional and other buyers. This year could be a moment of truth. With private company […]

Groupon IPO to Test Nascent Private Stock Markets

(Reuters) – Groupon Inc’s IPO may be the biggest test yet for the nascent private stock exchanges that allow investors to trade the shares of hot start-ups like Facebook Inc before they go public. The daily deals website is the first major company set to price its initial public offering at a valuation far below […]

SecondMarket Tries to Get a Piece of Groupon IPO

(Reuters) – SecondMarket Inc, a leading player in the market for private company stock, is trying to get a piece of the initial public offering of Groupon Inc, according to an email obtained by Reuters on Monday. SecondMarket Senior Vice President Jeff Thomas emailed potential investors on Friday who previously traded through the firm to […]

Liquidnet Expands into Private and Pre-IPO Trading

Liquidnet, a venue for institutions to anonymously trade public stocks, is expanding into trading shares of private and pre-IPO companies such as Facebook and Twitter, Reuters reported Monday. The move puts Liquidnet in competition with private exchange SecondMarket. The market for trading in private companies, Liquidnet says, could grow to some $7 billion in value this year.

More Startups Look At Secondary Market Trading Restrictions

Secondary markets, what’s not to love? Liquidity for private company founders, opportunities for venture investors to unload portfolios, LPs taking positions in hot private companies. With all the excitement, activity is on the rise. During the first half of the year, transaction volume at the SecondMarket exchange for private company shares rose 75% to $268 […]


Wringing Money from a Flagging Venture Fund — for a Price

Aging, poor-performing venture funds seldom have attractive options, but a new “innovation” by Shareholder Representative Services can quickly shift some money onto the balance sheets of their LPs, assuming a number of things come together first. First, some background: SRS manages the final steps of M&A transactions for dozens of clients, including Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia […]

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