Social Address Book Addappt Launches

A few sites have aimed to sync all your social networking sites in one. Addappt, which launches today with no VC funding, aims to manage all your mobile contacts through the address book on your smartphone. The free app, which became available on the iPhone App Store today, was launched by co-founders Mrinal Desai and Jorge Ferreira.

Who Are The Most Influential VCs and Angels? Check Out This List

Any list of the 100 most influential venture capitalists and angels should include the likes of John Doerr, Ron Conway and Michael Moritz, right? Not necessarily. And not if the list you’re referring to is the “100 Most Influential VCs, Angels and Investors” compiled by Lucy Marcus, the Huffington Post columnist and the non-executive board […]

Internet Leaders Predicted to Leave Rivals in Dust in 2011

Next year is the year when social media becomes a real business. That’s not to say companies such as Facebook and Groupon aren’t making real money now. Estimates suggest Facebook’s revenue is north of $1 billion this year and Groupon could be reeling in $500 million in sales each quarter. But there is more to […]

How Best to Use Social Media to Work with Journos

We live in an over-shared world. And I’m as guilty as anyone for putting my personal life on public Internet display. Folks in my network know how much I ran this morning. They see pictures of what I ate for dinner recently. They read my every random thought on Twitter. We share articles of interest […]

Is Kleiner Turning away from Cleantech? Speculation Abounds

I normally don’t blog about other blogs, but today I break the rule to weigh in on speculation that Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers is turning away from cleantech. This shift in focus is suggested in a Fortune piece claiming that the storied VC firm is refocusing on its so-called sweet spot: the Internet. The […]

Mobile Commerce Is The Future, But Customer Acquisition Is Street By Street

Foursquare Labs, Yammer, Groupon. Social mobile media is hot, especially if it targets ecommerce and the enterprise. So how does a tiny next generation startup compete with today’s more entrenched players? That seemed to be the unanswered question at the Under the Radar conference today in Mountain View, Calif. The conference brought together more than […]

Zuberance Raises $8M to Support Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Eyeballs are nice, but eyeballs don’t pay your bills when you’re a retailer with an online presence. I thought about that yesterday when I was interviewing Rob Fuggetta, founder & CEO of Zuberance, and his newest venture backer, Deepak Kamra, general partner of Canaan Partners. San Carlos, Calif.-based Zuberance, which provides a word-of-mouth marketing platform, […]

Bridgescale Adds Smyth to Focus On Social Media

Bridgescale Partners is adding a fifth partner. The firm is announcing today that Canadian Derek Smyth is joining the as a managing director, yet another indication that the growth stage investor is making a push in Canada. Smyth (pictured) previously served as a partner at EdgeStone Capital Partners and serves on the boards of RedMere […]

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