Survey: PE Investors Seeking Performance + Disclosure

By Gregory Roth — 4 years ago

A new survey of private equity professionals reveals that the growth and popularity of private equity has been coupled with expectations among investors for better disclosure and accountability. Topping a list of 12 factors investors looked for when choosing a private equity firm was the quality of its management team, followed immediately by the clarity of its investment philosophy. In third place was investment performance, rising in importance from 2009, when an earlier version of the poll ranked performance seventh among the 12 factors. Portfolio transparency and fee structure also ranked highly among investors.

The survey of 411 investors, fund managers and advisers was compiled by SEI, a financial outsourcing solutions provider, and Greenwich Associates, a financial research and strategy firm. Forty-nine percent of respondents were from North America, 30 percent in Europe and 21 percent from Asia, Latin America and other parts of the world.


The Mood Among LPs? Much Better, Thank You, Survey Says

By Gregory Roth — 5 years ago

For all the private equity firms waiting – patiently and impatiently – for limited partners’ moods to improve, the wait is over. According to a new LP survey by Preqin, the private equity data firm, LPs are moving squarely off neutral and into high-gear in terms of committing new funds.

More than three times as many LPs, about 46 percent of Preqin’s respondents, said they planned to increase the amount of capital that they commit to private equity during 2011, as compared to 13 percent who said they planned to reduce their commitment levels. And of those LPs who planned to commit more in 2011, about two in every five said they said they planned to increase their commitments “significantly.”

The Preqin results echo another recent study – this one by Coller Capital – which reported that more than twice as many LPs planned to increase their target allocations to private equity in 2011, as compared to those who planned to decrease their allocations. The Preqin results were more profound, revealing that more than three times as many LPs planned to increase their target allocations to PE over the next 12 months as those that planned to decrease them.


Dealmakers Eye Brighter Future: ACG-Thomson Reuters Survey

By David M. Toll — 5 years ago

Private equity pros, venture capitalists and others in the trade are optimistic that conditions will continue to improve for leveraged buyouts, M&A, and related transactions in the months ahead.

According to the latest installment of the twice-yearly ACG-Thomson Reuters DealMakers Survey, nearly three-quarters of respondents (74%) anticipate a rise in M&A activity over the next six months. One in 10 predicts M&A activity will “increase significantly” from the previous six months, while 64% say it will “increase moderately.”

That respondents see room for improvement is understandable. More than half of them (55%) characterize the current environment for M&A activity as only “fair.” Another 30% call it “good,” 5% “excellent,” 10% “poor.” Interestingly, nearly two-thirds (65%) call it a buyer’s market, and the same percentage believe the market favors strategic over private equity buyers.