Top 10 HUB Posts Focus on Silicon Valley Uniforms, Macho PE Fundraisers and Secrets to Tweaking Your IRR

By Lawrence Aragon — 4 years ago

It’s Friday. Time to catch up on stories you might have missed during a busy week. Following are the peHUB posts that garnered the most unique pageviews from our regular readers between Nov. 28 and Dec. 2.

ONE: The Uniforms of Silicon Valley, a Slideshowby Connie Loizos
TWO: Quien Es Mas Macho? A Slideshow of the Top 5 U.S. PE Funds this Yearby Luisa Beltran
THREE: Four Ways to Finesse Your Way into the Top Quartileby Joanna Glasner
FOUR: Most Active VC firms in October: Slideshowby Alastair Goldfisher
FIVE: Slideshow: Maine Reveals Bite Taken By Fees, Expensesby David Toll
SIX: Venture Backed IPOs Feel The Pain, But Some Stay Above Waterby Mark Boslet
SEVEN: Court Backs Subpoenas Of Castle Harlan Over Quick Flipby Bernard Vaughan
EIGHT: Slideshow: European PE Performance First Half 2011 – by Angela Sormani
NINE: Parish Capital Hands Keys to StepStoneby Gregory Roth
TEN: When the Majority Is Wrongby Larry Cheng


Week’s Top 10 Hub Posts Focus on Cash Returns for CalPERS, Top Tech M&A Advisors, Apple Knockoffs

By Lawrence Aragon — 4 years ago

It’s time to catch up on the stories and slideshows your colleagues found most compelling on peHUB this week. Here are the top 10 posts that garnered the most pageviews from regular readers from Aug. 22 to Aug. 26. Hot topics included fund returns at CalPERS and Louisiana Teachers’, VC- and PE-backed IPOs and M&A, and Apple.

1. Cash Machine Slideshow: CalPERS’ Top 10 VC Funds Based on Return of Cold, Hard Cash — by Mark Boslet
2. Slideshow: Top 10 U.S. Tech/Telecom Advisors, Qatalyst Jumps To 10th — by Luisa Beltran
3. Looking Back at Our Favorite Apple Knockoffs — by Connie Loizos
4. Slideshow: Top And Bottom-Performing Funds Of Louisiana Teachers’ — by David Toll
5. Black Gives Himself 60th Birthday Party of Bad Taste — by Luisa Beltran
6. Slideshow: Top 10 PE-Backed Companies Waiting To Go Public (subscription required) — by Luisa Beltran
7. Stock Market Turmoil Not Expected to Hurt Tech M&A — by Lawrence Aragon
8. Sequoia Capital and Technology Crossover Ventures Stand to Gain from Redemption Rights for eHarmony — by Alistair Barr, Reuters
9. Cornell to Stanford: Stay Out of New York — by Connie Loizos
10. What Today’s 4 IPO Filings Tell Us About the Market for New Offerings — by Joanna Glasner


This Week’s Top 10 HUB Posts Focus on Market Turmoil, Fund Performance and Silicon Valley’s ‘Undertaker’

By Lawrence Aragon — 4 years ago

Time to catch up on the peHUB stories your colleagues found most compelling this week. Here are the top 10 posts that garnered the most pageviews from regular readers from Aug. 8 to Aug. 12. It isn’t terribly surprising that most of the posts were related in some way to the turmoil in the public markets this week.

1. Early Stage Funds Dominate CalPERS’ Top 10 Venture Funds, by Mark Boslet
2. Silicon Valley’s Undertaker: ‘We’re Anticipating a Major Fallout’, by Connie Loizos
3. Groupon, Zynga and 9 Other VC-Backed IPOs Threatened by Market Turmoil, by Joanna Glasner
4. LinkedIn, Solazyme, Zipcar, 33 Other VC-Backed IPOs Bloodied in Market Beatdown, by Lawrence Aragon
5. Idaho Public Employee Retirement Top-Performing Funds (subscribers only), by David Toll
6. Menlo Ventures Is Biggest Winner in Carbonite IPO, by Lawrence Aragon
7. Venture & PE Picks for a Double Dip, by Joanna Glasner
8. Colorado PERA Top-10 Performing Funds Since 1982, by David Toll
9. How This Year’s 10 Biggest VC-Backed IPOs Fared in the Market Plunge, by Lawrence Aragon
10. Reuters Exclusive: Khosla Loses 2 Partners; Alex Kinnier to Do Startup, Jim Kim’s Plans Unknown, by Sarah McBride and Peter Lauria, Reuters


Talk Back & Poll: Is IPO Window Closed? If So, Is It Temporary or Are We in for a Long Wait? UPDATED

By Lawrence Aragon — 4 years ago

It turned out Tuesday was just a brief respite. On Wednesday Today we were back in the the business of a market sell-off. Besides the public companies that got a haircut, the tumultuous market also dashed the hopes of six of the 12 companies on the docket to go public this week. Then, Thursday, the market surged back, with the Dow up nearly 4 percent.

On Tuesday, three companies postponed their offerings, including 3-D motion-sensing company InvenSense Inc, a VC-backed company that hoped to raise $99.8 million.

On Wednesday, another three companies postponed, including two VC-backed startups: employee benefit program provider WageWorks, which held off on a $49 million IPO, and medical services provider WhiteGlove, which tabled


Menlo Ventures Is Biggest Winner in Carbonite IPO

By Lawrence Aragon — 4 years ago

Carbonite’s gamble to go public during a week of market mayhem paid off for its venture backers. As a group, the VCs are currently sitting on shares worth $116.9 million, based on today’s closing price of $12.35. In addition, three investors sold shares at the IPO price of $10 for total proceeds of $5.2 million. […]


Slideshow: 75% of VC-Backed IPOs Rebound in Broad Market Upturn

By Lawrence Aragon — 4 years ago

A day after getting beaten down with the rest of the market, three-fourths of this year’s VC-backed IPOs posted gains in today’s market rebound.

Of the 38 VC-backed companies that have gone public on U.S. exchanges this year, 28 saw their share prices increase today, while nine experienced declines and one remained flat, according to data from Thomson Reuters (publisher of peHUB). That stands in stark contrast to yesterday, when 36 of the stocks lost value and two remained flat.

The biggest gainers in terms of dollars were LinkedIn (NYSE: LNKD), which shot up


VC-Backed Invensense Among 3 U.S. IPOs Postponed Amid Tough Market

By Reuters News — 4 years ago

(Reuters) – Three initial public offerings were postponed on Tuesday, the latest casualties of volatile market conditions.

Offerings by Portuguese mobile marketing and payment services provider TIM w.e. SGPS SA, which was expected to raise $146.3 million, and 3-D motion-sensing company InvenSense Inc, a VC-backed company due to raise $99.8 million, were postponed, underwriters said. The $180 million IPO of Seattle-based lender HomeStreet was also sidelined, an underwriter said.

Invensense, founded in 2003, raised a total of $53 million in venture capital between 2004 and 2008, according to Thomson Reuters (publisher of peHUB). The company’s backers include Artiman Ventures, DoCoMo Capital, Partech


Venture-Backed IPOs Gained Strength in Q2

By Reuters News — 5 years ago

(Reuters) – Venture-backed IPOs saw their strongest quarter since 2000 with offerings valued at $5.5 billion coming to the market in the second quarter of 2011, according to an exit poll by Thomson Reuters (publisher of peHUB) and the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA). (See table below.)

The number of M&As also returned to 2009 levels, with the second quarter seeing 79 venture-backed M&As, 36 of which had an aggregate deal value of $5.4 billion.

For the first half of the year, VC-backed IPOs are up significantly from


Another Giant VC-Backed IPO on the Way from China: Report

By Reuters News — 5 years ago

(Reuters) – Chinese online clothing retailer Vancl could raise $1 billion in the largest Internet initial public offering from the Asian country in the United States this year, IFR reported on Tuesday.

The Beijing-based company could soon mandate banks on the deal, which is planned for the fourth-quarter of 2011, said IFR, a Thomson Reuters publication.

Vancl, founded in 2007, has received backing from private equity and venture capital firms including IDG Capital Partners, SAIF Partners, Ceyuan Ventures Management, Tiger Global Management and Qiming Venture Partners. The company is among the four most profitable consumer retail Web sites, IFR said.

Vancl has raised a total of $142 million in venture funding over three rounds since 2007, including a $100 million round in December from Ceyuan, IDG, SAIF and


Week’s Top 10 peHUB Posts Led by LinkedIn IPO’s Biggest Winners

By Lawrence Aragon — 5 years ago

Hey, it’s Friday. Time to catch up on your reading. Here are the 10 posts regular peHUB readers found most interesting this week.

1. Slideshow: Top 10 Biggest Winners in LinkedIn’s Moon-Shot IPO, by Lawrence Aragon

2. Slide Show: Top IPO Pops By Venture-Backed Companies, by Steve Bills

3. VCs Are Interested in Stuff Besides Social Media (Really), by Nadia Damouni and Jennifer Saba, Reuters

4. VCs from Accel, Atlas and Google Ventures Are Skeptical of Secondary Market Trading, by Jennifer Saba and Nadia Damouni, Reuters

5. Scoop: ‘Super LP’ Chris Douvos Leaving The Investment Fund for Foundations, by Lawrence Aragon

6. Jeffrey Bussgang: Five Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Navy SEALs, by Jeffrey Bussgang, Flybridge Capital Partners

7. Lovechildren, Sexual Assaults, Now A Lovelorn Venture Elopement Sparks Controversy In China, by Mark Boslet

8. The Good-But-Not-Great News About Venture Returns, by Connie Loizos

9. Jules Maltz Speeds to GP Post at IVP, by peHUB staff

10. UBS Adds Frisch to Tech Banking Team, by Nadia Damouni, Reuters


Slideshow: Top Performing VC-backed Chinese IPOs

By Lawrence Aragon — 5 years ago

Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. hit the cover off the ball in its market debut yesterday.

The VC-backed Chinese Internet company priced at $14.50 and soared more than 130% to $34 by the close of the day. As impressive as that was, Qihoo is not the top performing VC-backed Chinese IPO since the start of 2010, according to Thomson Reuters (publisher of this blog).

See our slideshow to find out who’s No. 1, and where Qihoo ranks in the top 10.


VCs Need to Share Blame for Low Demand for Small IPOs

By A. Nonymous — 5 years ago

We’ve don’t normally post anonymous columns, but we’re making an exception today because we think the column below will generate some interesting debate. It was written in response to Luisa Beltran’s poll last week about how difficult it is for small companies to go public. Give it a read and weigh in with your thoughts. –Ed. […]


Slideshow: Which VC-Backed IPO Is the Top Performer?

By Lawrence Aragon — 5 years ago

Venture-backed IPOs have gotten off to a strong start this year. So far, a dozen venture-backed companies have gone public, raising just over $1 billion in proceeds, according to Thomson Reuters (publisher of peHUB). For the same period a year earlier, just three companies went public, raising $379.5 million.

Which VC-backed stock has cratered 35 percent since its offering? Which one has soared nearly 49 percent? Check out our slideshow to find out.

(If you like the data, consider subscribing to Venture Capital Journal. In each issues, VCJ publishes even more detailed profiles of every VC-backed IPO, including the share holdings of VC backers. Click here for a free trial.)


IPO Check-up: New York

By Jeff Bussgang — 5 years ago

Yesterday, inspired by Bill Gurley’s piece looking at the IPO market in Silicon Valley, I took a closer look at the Massachusetts IPO scene. Now, let’s look at New York.

Unlike MA’s robust public company ecosystem, where I counted 33 public companies with greater than $1 billion in market capitalization, I was shocked to discover how very few similarly situated public companies in the Innovation Economy that exist in NY. If you restrict the geography to 30-45 minutes driving distance and part of the New York City “scene” (which encourages mingling and productive talent and idea sharing), you have to eliminate CA, IBM and Priceline.