TALK BACK: What’s Going on in China?

Recently, Chinese companies listed on U.S. markets have been peppered with a barrage of bad press—and much of it has been deserved. The mere rumor of Muddy Waters’ research being affiliated with a traded stock is enough to send its shares into a swoon and executives into a panic. It stokes long-held investor fears that operations overseas are less tightly-run than enterprises based in the U.S. Further, revelations and accusations lobbed at listed companies by the rogue research firm have the potential to disrupt plans belonging to private equity and venture capital firms alike, that look to exit investments into public markets. So, readers, we put it to you: Will the recent of spate of bad news on companies like Sino-Forest impact private investors with Chinese holdings? Is there too much money headed into Asia, particularly, China? Will a PE or VC firm burn retail investors when they dump a lemon onto equities markets? Or are fraud fears for China stocks overblown? Use our comments section below to weigh in on the discussion.