Teakwood Capital Buys Clockwork Solutions

Teakwood Capital has acquired Clockwork Solutions Inc., a provider of performance prediction and risk management technology designed for industrial companies, military organizations and government agencies. Financial terms of the deal were not released. Teakwood Capital is a Dallas-based private equity firm.

Teakwood Capital is pleased to announce today the acquisition of Clockwork Solutions Inc., (“CSI”), a leading provider of total-life-cycle Performance Prediction and Risk Management solutions for asset-intensive major industrial companies, military organizations and government agencies.

Clockwork Solutions Inc, http://www.clockwork-solutions.com, – an ISO 9001-2000 certified organization, delivers solutions that maximize equipment, system, and fleet availability while minimizing life-cycle operations and maintenance costs. Equipment down time is reduced, inventory is minimized and better positioned, system-wide asset availability is increased and new opportunities to improve profitability are identified. CSI’s solutions serve major industrial operators in the Aerospace & Defense, Power Generation, Refining and Process markets. The majority of CSI’s clients are Fortune 500 companies and government entities.

CSI is highly differentiated by its technology and the return on investment its integrated solutions deliver in highly complex, interdependent systems. Rather than rely on simple off-line analytical techniques, CSI uses advanced statistical and simulation-based optimization tools embedded directly within a client’s operational systems. The Company has saved its clients billions of dollars, delivering over 100x returns on customers’ investments. CSI’s solutions meet the needs of global companies and governments to tighten budgets while simultaneously increasing operational efficiencies.

“Teakwood has broad experience identifying companies delivering clear operational savings through technology enabled products and services. We were stunned by depth of CSI’s technical innovation and how well it has been managed into a successful business. CSI goes beyond doing ‘more with less’ and answers actionable questions of when and where assets should be deployed, operating expenses accounted for, and how both should be optimized across an organization,” said Shawn Kelly, Managing Director of Teakwood Capital. Kelly continued, “This acquisition adds to Teakwood’s portfolio of companies with innovative technology and strong management teams delivering proven solutions, operational efficiencies and high return-on-investment.”

Teakwood Capital, a Dallas, Texas private equity firm, was founded in 2005. The firm provides the resources and experience to support management teams in buying and building industry leading companies. Teakwood invests equity capital primarily in businesses with under $3.0 million of EBITDA and typically in technology enabled business-to-business companies. The Firm focuses on management buyouts as well as control growth equity investments in companies in Texas and neighboring states and is actively investing.