Tehuti Raises Second Round

Tehuti Networks, a Mountain View, Calif.-based maker of 10 gigabit Ethernet single-chip controllers, has raised an undisclosed amount of Series B funding. ProSeed Venture Capital Fund led the round, and was joined by return backer Ron Lachman of Lachman Goldman. Get more info.



Tehuti Networks, a semiconductor company providing 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) single-chip, low-power network controllers, announced the completion of its Series B financing round led by ProSeed Venture Capital Fund. Ron Lachman, of Lachman Goldman also contributed funds. The capital will be used to support sales growth, expand and support new product offerings and support additional strategic partnerships.


With the many significant developments in the 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) market, volume adoption is becoming more and more viable for many IT managers. To help enable that adoption, Tehuti Networks' low-power 10GbE solutions are targeted for volume applications that are sensitive to power and cost budgets. Through its OptiStrataTM proprietary microprocessor architecture, Tehuti Networks offers an optimal combination of features implemented in hardware and firmware to offer high performance with no impact to the operating system, power, real estate and cost budgets.


“Tehuti Networks is one of ProSeed Venture Capital Fund's star companies,” said Niv Sarne, CEO of ProSeed, “We have been impressed with Tehuti Networks' significant progress and are proud to be working together.”


“As one of the very first investors in Tehuti Networks, I am proud to see the company has matured so well,” commented Ron Lachman of Lachman Goldman Ventures. “I am a huge fan of Tehuti Networks' unique approach to solving the TCP/IP processing problem and have been a firm believer in their architectural approach for many years.”


“I would like to thank ProSeed Venture Capital and Lachman Goldman for their continued support,” said Arie Brish, CEO, Tehuti Networks. “We are also extremely grateful to our customers for their business and support of Tehuti Networks, as well as our partners and employees who helped get us here.”


Tehuti Networks' 10GbE Controllers

The controllers increase system performance up to five times while enabling quick and simple integration into both new and existing platforms with virtually no cost-adder over conventional, lower performance implementations. These very low power chips are transparent to the operating system and move specifically selected TCP/IP processing functions from software onto hardware, redistributing functions to remove TCP bottlenecks and reducing latency. This dramatically speeds up enterprise communications, adds flexibility and allows applications to take advantage of the high-speed, high-performance bandwidth that could not otherwise be realized.


About Tehuti Networks

Tehuti Networks sells 10 Gigabit Ethernet single-chip, low power, low cost solutions for accelerating TCP/IP processing. Founded in 2003, the company's focus is to provide high 10 Gigabit Ethernet performance and flexibility benefits to original equipment manufacturers and IT professionals. Tehuti Networks has offices in Austin, Texas; Taipei, Taiwan; and Herzliya, Israel. Additional information is available at www.tehutinetworks.net.


About ProSeed Venture Capital Fund

ProSeed Venture Capital Fund (TLV: PRSD) is an Israeli venture capital firm dedicated primarily to investments in start-up companies. ProSeed targets investors who have limited avenues for participating in VC funds or for those who want to invest small amounts at the seed stage. ProSeed offers a wide range of investments not available to such investors under any other investment arrangements.


About Lachman-Goldman Ventures

Lachman Goldman Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm focusing largely on networking technology companies with great people and innovative technology. Its partners and associates are all experienced entrepreneurs and businessmen, and it tries to take an active role. There are no limited partner investors, and no “investment committee”, it is simply a vehicle for experienced entrepreneurs to add our funds and decision making capability quickly for the benefit of our portfolio companies.

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