The Adderton Rumor

Three weeks ago, I got a tip that Peter Adderton was out as CEO of Amp’d Mobile, a mobile virtual network operator that has raised over $350 million in venture capital.

I made two calls. First to Adderton himself, who told me that the rumor was untrue. “If I’m leaving, no one told me,” he said. Next I checked in with a source that has regularly supplied this space with ahead-of-the-curve financing news on Amp’d – and he called the rumors “ridiculous.”

Why do I bring all of this up this morning? Because ValleyWag ran the rumor yesterday, and it was picked up by reputable (and influential) blogs like GigaOm. The result has been nearly a dozen emails in my inbox, asking if it’s true. After all, I am on record as having hyped this company while most everyone else was bashing it over the skull with the tattered remains of Mobile ESPN. In other words, my dear readers are asking me to eat some crow.

And that may be what ends up happening (I’ll eat anything with enough BBQ sauce on it), but not quite yet. First, I don’t believe that this particular source would have lied to me. Perhaps that’s being naïve, but all I can do is trust my judgment in the absence of countervailing evidence. More importantly, the “Adderton is out” tip has clearly been pushed all over town. That doesn’t make it right or wrong – but could mean that ValleyWag was simply the first outlet willing to print it without proof. Not a knock on ValleyWag (they are unabashedly in the rumor biz), but rather a point of fact.

I have left a message with my financing source this morning, and will ring Adderton as soon as it’s reasonable to do so (he’s West Coast, and I don’t know his alarm clock tendencies). Once I have something to share beyond the preceding blather, I’ll let you know. Again, my gut says he’s staying.