The Best Deals Are Always *After* The Holidays

Just like with Christmas, all the good companies went on the clearance rack after the buyout boom. Meaning, the Dow is about 4,000 points below where it was a year ago, and there are some steals to be had on solid public companies. Companies that could easily be taken private by a PE firm… if they only had the money. Too bad they maxed out their credit cards.

Seeking Alpha created a list of 100 strong take-private targets, based on steady cash flows, good balance sheets, a low valuation, and the ability to pay 9% interest on debt. Peruse the list if you’re in the mood for window shopping at stores that are now, sadly, out of everyone’s price range. (Don’t worry, there are a few sub-$500 million market cap targets listed. Cross Country Healthcare anyone?)

Seeking Alpha: 100 Companies That Can Take Themselves Private