The Goose or the O?

Given all the free publicity in this publication for The Dutch Goose during the past week, The Oasis Beer Garden in Menlo Park must be feeling a bit like John McCain.

Much in the way Kansas Citians categorize themselves by asking the simple question “Gates or Bryants?”, resident of (and travelers to) the Silicon Valley sometimes have to line up behind “The Goose or The O.” While the deviled eggs and steamers may differentiate The Dutch Goose from many restaurants in the area, I believe the gustatory pleasures presented by the “double cheese on French” and the “Louisiana Hot” along with a pitcher of Anchor Steam at The Oasis are compelling.

Dan, with your ever growing reader base, obtaining a statistically significant sample size in a poll would seem to be easy enough to do. Perhaps the debate can be settled here – “The Goose or The O?”