The Pandora Effect: Will We See More Music-Related Tech Deals?

Investing in a music-related startup sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Imagine if you invested in RootMusic, which recently raised a $2.3 million round. You’d get to go to their San Franciso digs and listen to music all day.

Just last week, Pandora Media registered to raise $100 million in an IPO. Yesterday, TuneUp added $2 million to its Series C round. Will that and other recent music investment activity spark more investment interest in the sector?

Actually, most VCs have avoided the music industry and its checkered past—until recently.

But that could be changing. Venture Capital Journal subscribers can now read about what investors, such as those who backed Pandora, are thinking about when it comes to music-related tech deals.

The story is due to come out in the March issue of VCJ. But in light of the Pandora IPO and other recent deals, we set the story live now.

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