The NFL Playoff Pool–Now With New Password!!

Before the draft, there’s typically a champion anointed, no? We will do the same with’s Internship Draft and send at least one of you into the off-season with your head held high.

The contest is open to all peHUB readers, and the pick’em champ will get a Premium Membership to peHUB, which includes one year of complimentary access to our editorial archive—well worth the cost of admission, which is absolutely nothing. Patriots fans employing Belichick tactics of copying off colleagues’ tests will be punished most harshly.

First, you’ll need a Yahoo account (or, just wipe the cobwebs off your existing one). Then, go to Once there, you’ll have to join our group; the ID is (85366, or NFL Playoffs) and the password is ‘enture.’–yes, I left off the ‘v,’ apparently, for those of you e-mailing with questions.

After that, go on in and tune up your playoff scenario to your liking. Keep in mind, we’re using point spreads here, so those of you unfamiliar with the scenario and still whooping it up at CES in Vegas have an opportunity to acquaint yourselves.

Entrants can name their teams as they choose, but we’re also going to need to confirm some identities, so that we can dish out the proper prize to the deserving party. Please drop me an email here with your team’s name and your real name/position/firm. We’ll also count this as a tip window, for anyone so inclined to tell me a good scoop.

Jonathan Marino is the editor of The opinions expressed here are entirely his own, and most of his opinions on the NFL this season have been wrong.