TherOx Adds $30 Million

TherOx Inc., an Irvine, Calif.-based developer of devices for cardiac ischemia patients, has raised $30 million in Series J funding, according to a regulatory filing. The company's last round had been in 2005, and it's now raised over $120 million in total VC funding since 1995. Backers include Kleiner Perkins, Integral Capital Partners and New Science Ventures.


The TherOx website explains its technology like this:

TherOx's core technology for the treament of heart attack consists of dissolving and stabilizing hyper-elevated concentrations of oxygen in saline solution.  A small amount of the saline solution is then mixed with the patient's blood to create super oxygenated blood. TherOx's DownStream System creates and infuses super oxygenated blood through a catheter to oxygen deficient or ischemic tissue.  Company research has confirmed in pre-clinical studies that SuperSaturated Oxygen Therapy can reverse ischemia and resuscitate tissue that would otherwise die.