Thoma Bravo-backed Compuware acquires Calgary’s ISPW

Compuware Corp, a portfolio investment of U.S. private equity firm Thoma Bravo, has acquired the assets of ISPW Benchmark Technologies Ltd, a Calgary-based software and services company. No financial terms were released. Founded in 1986, ISPW provides end-to-end code management and release automation across all platforms, enabling information technology to fulfill business requirements, optimize code quality, and improve developer productivity. Compuware, a Detroit-based software company, said the buy supports its mainframe strategy. In late 2014, Compuware was taken private by Thoma Bravo in a deal valued at about US$2.4 billion.


Compuware Pioneers Convergence of Mainframe Applications into Mainstream Enterprise Agile DevOps

Integrations with Splunk, Atlassian, SonarSource, AppDynamics and Jenkins

Empower IT to Unify Pursuit of Digital Excellence from COBOL to the Cloud

Also Acquires Assets of ISPW, Leading Provider of Agile Source Code Management and Release Automation Solutions for Cross-Platform Development

DETROIT—January 5, 2016—Compuware Corporation, the world’s leading mainframe-dedicated software company, today announced far-reaching partnerships, a major acquisition, and continued innovation within its own industry-leading software portfolio—all in support of a game-changing initiative that will empower customers to incorporate mainframe applications into their broader cross-platform Agile/DevOps processes.

Mainframe applications remain indispensable as systems of record and as back-end support for customer engagement. Unfortunately, despite decades of progress on other platforms, mainframe code is still managed by siloed teams using slow processes and obsolete tools. This situation is no longer tenable, because the digital economy demands software agility. Also, mainframe veterans are retiring and cannot be replaced in kind.

Compuware® is directly addressing this pressing issue by allowing CIOs to shift responsibility for mainframe applications to enterprise DevOps staff with mainstream skills using popular tools within today’s mainstream culture of agility and innovation.

By pioneering this historic shift of mainframe application into the Agile/DevOps mainstream, Compuware is uniquely enabling customers to:

Ensure the long-term viability of core legacy COBOL applications—even as their most experienced mainframe developers retire

More effectively and adaptively leverage mainframe application logic and associated data in concert with their other distributed/web/mobile software assets

Better compete with new, disruptive market entrants

Substantially improve DevOps efficiency in multi-platform enterprise environments

“If your mainframe application development isn’t Agile, your business can’t be agile,” said Compuware CEO Chris O’Malley. “Our mission is to help customers achieve that essential business agility by empowering Agile DevOps teams to master the mainframe just as they do other platforms in the multi-platform enterprise.”

An informative brief on the critical importance of “Mainstreaming the Mainframe” is available here.

Far-Reaching Partnerships and Integrations

In support of this strategy, Compuware is integrating with solutions from AppDynamics®, Atlassian®, Jenkins®, SonarSource®, and Splunk®—all leading mainstream vendors and/or open source. These integrations will help customers include the mainframe in their broader enterprise Agile/DevOps processes by allowing IT staff to perform mainframe-related tasks using popular mainstream tools.

“Compuware is doing exactly what we need them to do,” said Luis M. Bonilla, Team Leader, Technical Services Support at Acxiom Corporation. “They are opening up the mainframe to our non-mainframe staff so we can unleash the full potential value of our mainframe resources—and do it faster, more accurately, and more easily than we’ve ever been able to do it before.”

Compuware Acquires Assets of ISPW Benchmark Technologies

Compuware has also purchased substantially all of the assets of ISPW Benchmark Technologies—the leading Agile source code management and release automation solution for cross-platform mainframe/Windows/open systems development.

By providing end-to-end code management and release automation across all platforms, ISPW’s technology enables IT to rapidly fulfill business requirements, optimize code quality, and improve developer productivity.

“Joining Compuware will enable us to more aggressively invest in our capabilities to support an iterative and Agile approach to development and add more value by integrating into the broader enterprise DevOps ecosystem,” said ISPW President Paul Kuszyk. “By mainstreaming the mainframe, Compuware is transforming the market in a way that will give our customers cross-platform DevOps agility that is absolutely essential for competitive success in today’s fast-moving markets.”

Innovation Every 90 Days

In keeping with its commitment to deliver mainframe innovations and relevant updates to core products every 90 days, Compuware also added file and table I/O visualization to Topaz® Runtime Visualizer. This visualization enables even inexperienced developers to clearly understand how COBOL applications utilize mainframe data and the specific types of calls being made.

Previous quarterly innovations included:

1Q15: Topaz, which empowers developers and data architects to discover, visualize and work with both mainframe and non-mainframe data in a common, intuitive manner. Upgrade and integration of Strobe® with BMC’s MainView and Cost Analyzer for combined best-in-class cost-aware workload analytics.

2Q15: Topaz Program Analysis which enables DevOps teams to understand COBOL and PL/l application logic, quickly discover problems, and assess program metrics.

3Q15: Topaz for Java Performance, which gives DevOps teams comprehensive visibility into Java Batch and WebSphere running on the mainframe.

4Q15: Topaz Runtime Visualizer, which empowers veteran and novice developers alike to work on old, complex, and/or poorly documented systems by providing graphical mapping of program calls.

“Compuware’s pace of innovation and clarity of market vision demonstrate that the company is practicing the agility it preaches,” said Robin Bloor, chief analyst and co-founder of The Bloor Group. “Any CIO facing the attrition of mainframe staff and insufficient mainframe application agility should put evaluation of Compuware’s re-invention of the platform at the top of their 2016 to-do list.”

For a more complete overview of Compuware’s innovation and accomplishments in 2015, visit

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