Tick Data Announces Management Buyback

Tick Data’s management is buying the company and receiving funding from Tactex F1 Private Equity Fund.  Neal Falkenberry, Tick Data’s president, and Thomas Myers, Senior VP, will have two-thirds, while Tactex will have one-third, a spokeswoman says. Tick Data, which is headquartered in Great Falls, Virginia, provides time data for the equities, options and futures markets.


GREAT FALLS, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tick Data, Inc. (www.tickdata.com) is pleased to announce the corporate buyback of the firm by its long-time management team, led by Neal Falkenberry, CFA, and Thomas Myers, with additional funding from the Tactex F1 Private Equity Fund. After eight years of ownership by Penson Worldwide, Inc., and a brief acquisition by Desjardins Group, Canada’s leading cooperative financial group, as part of Nexa Technologies, Inc., ownership and operations once again belong to the individuals who built the company from a niche provider of historical intraday U.S. futures data to the leading provider of research-ready global futures, index, equity, and options historical intraday data.

“Our management team is energized to once again own Tick Data”

“Our management team is energized to once again own Tick Data,” said Neal Falkenberry, CFA, President of Tick Data, Inc. “While the firm has grown and prospered as part of Penson, we believe that, in order to become the world’s central repository of historical intraday time series market data, Tick Data must be owned and operated by the entrepreneurs who passionately built the company and understand its clients.”

“As we began to integrate Nexa with Disnat, we realized Tick Data does not share common customers, infrastructure, or priorities,” said Laurent Blanchard, VP and General Manager, Online Brokerage, Disnat. “The two companies are best run independently, and I am confident that Tick Data’s customers will benefit from the renewed focus and energy the management team will have now that the company is back in their hands.”


Tick Data will hit the ground running under its new ownership by adding an additional New York-based salesperson and continuing to expand its considerable offering of historical intraday market data. Tick Data’s product line currently includes historical trade and quote data for 195 global futures and index symbols, all U.S. equity and index options, and all listed equities traded in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, London, Frankfurt, Milan, Madrid, Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, Paris, Tokyo, and the recently added Mexican, Hong Kong, Korean, and Australian stock markets.

“When the opportunity arose to re-acquire the company, it was a logical decision,” continued Falkenberry. “Our commitment to our clients has never been stronger. Tick Data will continue to provide research-ready historical intraday market data to the world’s finest traders and quantitative analysts for many years to come.”

About Tick Data, Inc.:

Founded in 1984, Tick Data, Inc. provides clean, reliable historical intraday time series data for the equities, options, and futures markets. Tick Data employs proprietary data validation, price-filtering, and ticker symbol mapping processes to produce robust, research-ready historical data. From efficient data collection and distribution to seamless integration with third-party analytical software, Tick Data removes the frustration of building and maintaining sets of historical intraday data.

About Tactex:

The Tactex F1 Private Equity Fund is a Canadian investment fund that focuses on direct investments in cash flow, positive small cap entities or start-up firms through a combination of debt, preferred shares, or common shares. The Fund is available only to select qualifying investors. The Fund is managed by Tactex Asset Management Inc. who is registered as a portfolio manager with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers, the Ontario Securities Commission and the British Columbia Securities Commission and as an Exempt Market Dealer and Investment Fund Manager with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers and the Ontario Securities Commission.