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Top 10 European Venture Investors in Asia by Deal Value, YTD

European venture firms are realizing the importance of a global footprint and Asia is the sought-after location of the moment for these LPs. In this slideshow, peHUB takes a look at the top ten European venture investors in Asia by deal value so far this year.

China is the Asian country of choice in 2011 for European venture firms with eight companies attracting European venture commitments in this top ten.

Private equity and venture capital firms invested $22.8 billion in Chinese companies by the end of the third quarter, according to a joint study by Deutsche Börse and CMS Hasche Sigle presented as part of the German Equity Forum in Frankfurt on Nov. 22. That figure compares with $15.8 billion for the whole of 2010.

The study also highlights that non-domestic venture capital and private equity players must join forces with the best local partners in order to be successful in China. German-based Wellington Partners is one such firm adopting this approach. It recently appointed Beijing-based venture partner advisor Jeanne-Marie Gescher who will support the firm’s technology portfolio and look for partnering opportunities for its European and US portfolio companies in the region.

Scroll down to find out which European venture players are striking it lucky with Asian deals.


Top Ten European Venture Investors in Asia by Deal Value 2011- YTD

[slide title=”10. S-Grupp Capital Management”]

Fund Name: Unspecified fund

Firm Nation: Russia

Investment: FiberZone Networks (Israel)

Company Description: Automated fibre management solutions for data centres and access networks

Deal Value: $11.21 million (8.37 million euros)

[slide title=”9. Elephant Capital”]

Fund Name: Tusk Investments Fund I/ Promethean India

Firm Nation: UK


Air Works India Engineering Pvt., Ltd. (India), independent provider of Aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul services in India and aircraft paint and refinishing in the UK – $3.74 million (2.79 million euros)

Amar Chitra Katha Pvt., Ltd. (India), children’s entertainment and media company – $9.47 million (7.07 million euros)

[slide title=”8. Star Ventures GmbH”]

Fund Name: Star Israel

Firm Nation: Germany

Investment: OrSense, Ltd (Israel)

Company description: Medical device company

Deal value: $16.25 million (12.14 million euros)

[slide title=”7. Ventech”]

Fund Name: Unspecified fund

Firm nation: France


Shenzhen EASOU Technology Co., Ltd. (China), mobile search engine IT company – $19 million (14.19 million euros)

Beijing Xinyu Brothers Internet Technology Co., Ltd., online entertainment service (China) – value undisclosed

[slide title=”6. Cathay Capital Private Equity SAS”]

Fund Name: Cathay Capital Private Equity (Unspecified fund)

Firm Nation: France

Investment: Zhejiang Haolifang Commerce & Trade Chain Co., Ltd

Company Description: Chinese convenience store chain and supermarket

Deal Value: $29.54 million (22.07 million euros)

[slide title=”5. Mangrove Capital Partners”]

Fund Name: Unspecified fund

Firm Nation: Luxembourg

Investments/value: Smile Sales Pvt., Ltd., online shopping website (India) – $3.71 million (2.77 million euros)

Wix.Com (Israel), website builder – $37.75 million (28.21 million euros)

[slide title=”4. Mueller Milch Management AG”]

Fund Name: Unspecified

Firm Nation: Switzerland

Investment: Huaxia Dairy Farm (China)

Company Description: Chinese dairy farm

Deal Value: $41.89 million (31.3 million euros)

[slide title=”3. 3i Group”]

Fund Name: 3i India Infrastructure Fund

Firm Nation: UK

Investment: Ind-Barath Energy (Utkal), Ltd.

Company Description: Coal-fired power plant

Deal Value: 31.89 million euros ($45 million)

[slide title=”2. Bertelsmann Capital”]

Fund Name: Bertelsmann Asia Investments

Firm Nation: Germany

Investments/Value: (China), film, book and music review website – $48.91 million (36.54 million euros)

iClick Interactive Asia (Hong Kong), Internet marketing company – undisclosed (China), social networking site – undisclosed

Shanghai ShopEx Network Technology (China), information technology and services – undisclosed

[slide title=”1. Digital Sky Technologies “]

Fund Name: DST Global II

Firm Nation: Russia

Investment: Alibaba Group

Other Investors: Silver Lake (New York), Yunfeng Capital (China)

Company Description: Chinese technology company

Deal Value: $1,563.63 million (1,168 million euros)