Top Ten Q4 Deals To Date

For most deals, the next month will be make or break. New deals rarely originate between Thanksgiving and New Years, and old deals on hiatus are usually forced to, well, use it or lose it. This year will be more interesting than usual, since we’ve seen a a near 1:1 ration of completed to canceled deals, which is a big increase in cancellations over last quarter and Q4 last year. Whether that ratio will continue through December is anyone’s guess.

Today I reported on the third-largest deal closure of the quarter, a $600 million take private. To provide us with a little context for that ranking, Ari Nathanson of Buyouts helped me compile a list of the top ten US sponsor deals since October 1. Note that this is for disclosed values only.

Interestingly, two different firms (and not the ones you’d expect) make two appearances: Gores Group and HIG Capital. It says a lot that number ten is valued at a whopping $50 million.

You can download it in spreadsheet form after the jump.

Top Ten Q4 Buyouts as of 11.26