Twitter Picks Up Bagcheck

Twitter has acquired Bagcheck, creator of a list-making and sharing platform, the company announced. As part of the deal, Bagcheck co-founder Sam Pullara will join Twitter’s engineering team. Terms were not released. Bagcheck’s site allows people to create and share collection – or “bags” – of items they are interested in, ranging from camera equipment to cooking tools. Bagcheck was supported by Sutter Hill Ventures and Morado Ventures, as well as individual investors Jonathan Katzman and Peter Fenton.


We’re very excited to announce that Bagcheck has been acquired by Twitter, and as of today, Sam Pullara will be joining the Twitter engineering team.

Bagcheck started out of a passion for connecting people to their interests, allowing people to have a place to discover and share the “bags” of items they are most passionate about, whether it’s a collection of photography gear or an arsenal of cooking tools. Now, Sam will bring his passion for connecting people to what interests them to his new role at Twitter.

What’s Happening to Bagcheck?

Bagcheck will continue to be available. That means all the great content you’ve made is staying online at the same URLs and will still be searchable, sharable, and lovable. But as with any acquisition, things may change at some point in the future, so if you’re worried about your content we’ve also created an instant export feature that will wrap all the bags you’ve made into a tidy set of HTML and JSON files. You can export all your content using this feature on your profile page and post or save your bags anywhere you like.
It’s All About the Baggers

Of course, there is no passion without people. We want to take to the opportunity to offer our most sincere thanks to everyone that tried Bagcheck out, created bags, participated in discussions, sent us feedback, or even just looked at us knowingly. You’re the absolute best and we thank you for all the time and insights you contributed to making Bagcheck great. We hope you’ll continue to do so.
Thanks for not unsubscribing
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Bagcheck cofounder Luke Wroblewski is back to working on the next big thing. You should follow Luke on Twitter to find out what he has planned.

We’d also like to thank our investors, Sutter Hill Ventures, Morado Ventures, Jonathan Katzman and Peter Fenton for supporting us through our journey.