Unemployed Wall Streeter Mildly Famous But Still Unemployed

The unemployed financial engineer who grabbed national media attention after wearing an “MIT Graduate For Hire” sandwich board on Park Avenue remains without a job.

In June, Josh Persky’s media stunt was all over the news and it seemed to have worked—he spoke of numerous job interviews and leads on a barrage of talk show appearances in and news articles. By now, you’d think his unconventional job hunting methods—and fame—would have paid off.

But they haven’t. In an email, Persky said, quite eloquently, “I am famous, but I remain unemployed.”

Which doesn’t mean he’s not busy. He gave me a run-down of his activities, which sound much more fun than financial engineering, but it sure as hell don’t pay the bills.

Based on Persky’s experience, here is what a well-timed, chord-striking self-promotional media stunt can get you:

-Some commissions-only work at an investment bank
-A Marketing/PR gig for a Japanese cancer clinic
-Interviews with hedge funds
A blog
-Coverage in about 50 different news outlets
-An offer for a business partnership in Hong Kong
-“Big in Korea” (whatever that means)
-A bylined article about Warren Buffet in an Indian business journal
-emails from France

Fifteen minutes of fame can get you a lot, but, if this story is any indication, it still won’t get you a job.