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Unfortunate Quotes

A Buyouts colleague unearthed a very interesting Dallas Business Journal Q&A with accused fraudster Saul Meyer. The founder of Aldus Equity was arrested yesterday for his connection in the New York pension fund pay-for-play scandal. Evidenced by the photos, the interview is from a much more comfortable time for Meyer. It yielded an unfortunate, ironic quote from the financial adviser:

Q. What sets Aldus apart from other private equity firms?
A. The degree of governance and transparency that provides us with an added degree of integrity that others can’t match. We create innovative ways to look at things. Everything we come up with is customized. It isn’t just business as usual.

Just as quote-worthy is a comment included in the New York Attorney General’s complaint. With context via Dealbook:

According to the complaint from Mr. Cuomo’s office, Mr. Meyer sought to sever his deal with Mr. Morris in 2006 when Deutsche Bank was considering buying a stake in Aldus. He asked a hedge fund manager to intercede on his behalf.

The complaint said that Mr. Morris told the hedge fund manager: “Tell that little peanut of a man that I can take the business away as easily as I provided it.