Universal Labs targets $50 mln for fund

Universal Labs is seeking to raise $50 million for its opportunity fund. The fund will focus on investing in the development of natural medicines that prevent and treat cancer.


Universal Labs Opportunity Fund announces launch to invest in the development of natural medicines for prevention and treatment of cancer. Series A round is targeted to raise $50 million in 2019. Universal Labs is a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund established to make seed and early stage capital investments to accelerate development and commercialization of medical-grade products derived from botanicals, including CBD and THC, and probiotic bacterium. The fund will enable small investors to share in the opportunity to nurture brilliant entrepreneurs in their development of breakthrough products with applications to treat cancers, autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, and opioid addiction, among others.

In a statement released by the fund managers, Paul Peterson and Chas Radovich, on the importance of investing in this endeavor, Mr. Radovich said, “Modern society is now embracing the benefits of natural non-synthetic medicines and their value to overall health. There is a growing body of evidence which indicates that natural, botanical medicines can contribute to the body’s immune system’s ability to help prevent disease, but also to effectively treat chronic conditions and alleviate suffering for millions of people worldwide.” Mr. Peterson added, “Until very recently, US and EU legislative restrictions on research & development, production and distribution of such medicine has prevented companies from accessing venture capital. The multi-billion dollar ‘green rush’ of medical THC was just a drop in the ocean, and we are on the leading edge of a wave of innovation that may be more beneficial to humanity than the 20th century inventions of radiation therapy and synthetic drugs.”

The Fund’s strategy is to invest private equity in Qualified Opportunity Zone-based high-growth businesses. All Fund portfolio companies must be able to demonstrate proof of concept with established acceptance of similar product and service offerings, must be scalable and able to transfer IP. The Fund is managed by active investors and experienced business operators with an eye towards global-scale market opportunities. The Fund aims to create a diversified income stream from a portfolio of geographically and brand-diverse businesses led by entrepreneurs driven to make a substantial return for investors and high societal impact.

The Fund is taking full advantage of yield-enhancing features enabled by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 and the subsequent treatment of capital gains derived from investment in Opportunity Zone Funds. A growing body of evidence of botanical treatments’ efficacy and the rapidly increasing demand for life-changing medicines produced from feedstock just recently legalized in Canada, the EU and most US states has created vast new investment opportunities that the Fund intends to fully leverage.

About Opportunity Zone Funds
Defer Capital Gains Tax.
Under the Tax and Jobs Act of 2017, which established the Opportunity Zone program, an investor can defer capital gains taxes until 2027 if realized gains are invested in a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund within 180 days of the sale. Deferred gains owed are decreased by 10% after five years, and another 5% after seven years of investment. The deferred capital gains will be realized Dec. 31, 2026 and due by April 15, 2027.

Eliminate Taxes on Investment.
All capital gains taxes are eliminated after ten years of investment into a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund (QOZF). Note: Investments into a QOZF do not have to be from capital gains to realize the ten year elimination of taxes.

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