U.S. Fiduciary Raises $9 Million

U.S. Fiduciary Inc., a boutique financial services firm for high-end financial advisors, has raised $9 million in VC funding from firms like Advantage Capital Partners and Inter-Atlantic Group.

Advantage Capital Partners, Inter-Atlantic Group and other investors have invested $9 million in U.S. Fiduciary, Inc., a boutique financial services firm focused on serving high-end financial advisors. The funding will be used to support the company's continued growth.

“As the trend continues to service high net worth clients as an objective fiduciary advisor with sophisticated unbiased advice, the traditional wirehouse brokerage model fails,” said Steven Graubart, CEO of U.S. Fiduciary. “U.S. Fiduciary's open-architecture platform continues to attract the wirehouse 'corner-office' financial advisors and also appeals to the registered investment advisors learning to navigate the complex world of alternative investment solutions for their clients. With this new capital, U.S. Fiduciary is well positioned to continue our organic recruiting growth of financial advisors and begin to explore acquisition opportunities in this highly fragmented space.”

U.S. Fiduciary (“USF”) helps financial advisors and financial institutions manage the complex needs of wealthy clients. The company's client base includes high-end financial advisors who seek to move toward more fee-based services and are interested in providing objective and sophisticated investment advice. USF supports a total of 120 financial advisors with an integrated offering of technology, operations, and compliance services with managed account, broker dealer, and alternative investment solutions.

“USF's management team has deep industry and entrepreneurial expertise,” said Damon Rawie, an Advantage Capital managing director in Austin. “That and the company's ability to provide FA's with a one-stop shop for integrated tools make for a winning business strategy.”

Advantage Capital's investment in USF was made in connection with Texas' Certified Capital Company program, which encourages the flow of investment capital to promising companies located within the state. These companies, in turn, develop innovative technologies and services, create jobs and increase economic activity throughout their communities.

About Advantage Capital Partners

Advantage Capital Partners is a private equity firm focused on investing in promising companies in connection with federal, state and local economic development efforts. With offices in Austin, New Orleans, St. Louis and other cities, Advantage has raised more than $800 million in institutional venture capital since 1992 and invested in companies located in geographic areas underserved by traditional venture capital. For more information, visit www.advantagecap.com .

About the Certified Capital Company program

Advantage Capital Partners is a leading participant in the Certified Capital Company (CAPCO) program, a state economic development tool designed to strengthen state economies by stimulating the flow of investment capital to local small businesses, creating high-paying jobs and increasing state tax revenues. Under a CAPCO program, insurance companies are encouraged to invest in certified capital companies; the state allows the insurance companies to claim tax credits for qualified investments in CAPCO funds. The tax credits, taken over time, generate large pools of private venture capital to be invested in the state. CAPCOs leverage the funds received from insurance companies to invest in qualified small businesses in the state. For more information, visit www.advantagecap.com/state_investment_programs.htm .