Vance Street continues Motion Dynamics investment

Apogem Capital is the lead investor in the single-asset continuation vehicle.

  • Vance Street originally invested in Motion Dynamics in September 2016 through Vance Street Capital II
  • The continuation vehicle -EV2- was oversubscribed and is capitalized with commitments from both new and existing Vance Street LPs. Vance Street offered all LPs in Fund II the opportunity to reinvest the value of their investment
  • Since Sept. 2016, the company has doubled its manufacturing footprint, expanded into new and adjacent manufacturing capabilities and pursued strategic M&A

Vance Street Capital’s investment in Motion Dynamics will be extended with the use of a single-asset continuation vehicle, with Apogem Capital as the lead investor. The company produces components that are frequently found in micro-catheters, pacemakers and neuromodulation devices.

Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Fruitport, Michigan, Motion Dynamics is a manufacturer of wire-based micro-components and sub-assemblies, which are frequently found in micro-catheters, pacemakers and neuromodulation devices. The Company focuses on products that require fine and ultra-fine wire diameters, unique alloy types and shapes, and high precision / tight tolerances.

“Motion Dynamics was an outstanding investment for Fund II, and we are excited that Chris and the rest of the Motion Dynamics team chose to partner with Vance Street again,” said Brian Martin, managing partner at Vance Street. “We remain aligned in our objectives on how to pursue growth, add additional capabilities and continue to build upon this leading MedTech platform.”

Chris Witham, founder and president of Motion Dynamics, has led the company under Vance Street’s ownership and will continue to lead the business during the next phase of growth.

“We originally partnered with Vance Street due to their experience working with entrepreneurs and their long track record of supporting high-precision manufacturing businesses,” Witham said. “Throughout their investment period, Vance Street has been a supportive partner and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with the team to capitalize on the strong foundation we have built to further the Company’s growth.”