VC-Backed IPOs Show Improvement in Q2 – NVCA Report

Twenty-one venture-backed IPOs raised $2.2 billion during the second quarter, more than double the volume and dollars compared to the first quarter of this year, according to the Exit Poll report by Thomson Reuters (publisher of peHUB) and the National Venture Capital Association. The second quarter also saw the largest number of biotechnology venture-backed IPOs in more than a dozen years.

The second quarter was a significant improvement over Q1, when just eight VC-backed companies went public and raised a combined $717 million.

Year to date, 29 VC-backed companies have gone public, raising about $2.9 billion. For the first two quarters of 2012, 29 VC-backed companies raised $18.8 billion via initial public offerings.

The full report is here: q2 2013 exits nvca