VC Blog Ranks VC Bloggers

There are plenty of venture capitalists who blog. But Larry Cheng appears to have carved out a more specific niche: blogging about VCs who blog and who reads them.

This week, the Volition Capital managing partner published the fourth edition of the Venture Capital Blog Directory – a list of the most widely read venture bloggers ranked according to the number of average monthly unique visitors in the fourth quarter. The top three on his list, which is based on Compete traffic data, include the following:

Paul Graham, of Ycombinator, tops the list with 97,227 monthly unique views, despite having just five short essays during the whole of the fourth quarter, looking at his site archives.

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures comes in second. Wilson, whose blog, A VC, is a perennial favorite for comment posters, had 81,000 uniques.

Mark Suster, of GRP Partners, came in third, with 53,655 uniques. Suster, who focuses on early stage technology companies, writes the blog Both Sides of the Table, which can include some rough advice for entrepreneurs.  Here’s one of the things he recently suggested entrepreneurs who can’t get funded might consider: “ You might just suck.  That happens, too.  Joking aside, I wish more VCs would humbly, politely and respectfully tell people when this is the case.  I know it’s strange to say, but I almost always do.”

Rounding out the top ten were: Brad Feld of Foundry Group, Chris Dixon of Founder Collective, David Skok of Matrix Partners, Charlie O’Donnell of First Round Capital, Cheng himself, David McClure at 500 Startups and Ben Horowitz at Andreesen Horowitz.