An LP’s 10 Tips For Emerging Managers –

By Lawrence Aragon — 12 years ago

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” The opening sentence to A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens sums up the current fund-raising environment for emerging managers. It is the best of times given the substantial and increasing demand from limited partners to invest in venture capital, but it […]


Can Emerging Managers Compete Effectively for Venture Talent? –

By Lawrence Aragon — 14 years ago

Some limited partners believe that a major challenge for emerging manager firms is the recruitment of top quality talent to their investment ranks. Because of smaller fund size and the lack of overlapping multiple funds, emerging manager firms are sometimes seen at a disadvantage when competing with larger more established firms with $30 million or […]


Emerging Managers Have Trouble Emerging –

By Lawrence Aragon — 15 years ago

Good idea. Bad timing. That appears to be the case with so-called “emerging manager” programs. Several large pension funds have created initiatives to invest in these small, first-time venture funds, but big losses in both private and public equity have visibly slowed commitments. Although the programs are just beginning to take shape, it seems that […]


How To Select an Emerging Venture Manager –

By Lawrence Aragon — 15 years ago

The venture capital industry is at a crossroads. Valuations continue to plummet, sizes of financing rounds continue to shrink and exits appear fewer and farther away. Aware of these trends, limited partners have forced venture managers to reduce the size of their latest funds in an attempt to bridge supply and demand in the market. […]


Financing in Purgatory An emerging class of investors is beginning to fill the nether regions of start-up financing – the murky –

By Lawrence Aragon — 18 years ago

When Hans Severiens, a retired venture capitalist and angel investor, established San Francisco’s Band of Angels in late 1994, he believed he was embarking on a part-time project. He soon realized, however, that running an investment club like the Band, now regarded as the industry’s premier angel network, was an expensive, full-time endeavor – which […]


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