From the Editor: In Praise of Non-Consensus –

By Larry Aragon — 12 years ago

Will Bill Joy be a successful venture capitalist? How about any of the other technology celebrities who have joined the venture industry? (See this month’s cover story.) Your guess is as good as mine. But one thing I am certain about is that it makes perfect sense for venture firms to bring in “outsiders.” Firms […]


Top of Mind: Maureen Groen of Greenpark

By Staff Report — 12 years ago

The secondary market has many more competitors than it did when Marleen Groen founded Greenpark Capital Ltd. in 2000, and new competitors are crowding the market all the time. But Groen is accustomed to challenges. She once climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for charity. Compared to that feat, raising her second fund ($444 million) […]


Top of Mind: Jay Hoag of TCV

By Staff Report — 13 years ago

Last November, wireless equipment maker InPhonic went public, giving one of its biggest investors, Technology Crossover Ventures, a $152.6 million return on the $56 million investment it had made in the company just 18 months earlier-a 2.7X return. It is a familiar scenario for late-stage investor TCV, which has enjoyed enough big hits in its […]


Patent Matters: A VC’s Perspective –

By Venture Capital Journal — 13 years ago

Patrick Ennis, managing partner of Arch Venture Partners in Seattle, knows a thing or two about research. Long before he joined Arch in 1998 to invest in life sciences, Ennis was conducting research, beginning in the late 1980s, on solid state and nuclear physics at several national laboratories in North America. He wrote numerous articles […]


From the Editor: Prying Open Lids –

By Larry Aragon — 13 years ago

When Connie Loizos first pitched me the idea of writing about entrepreneur horror stories, I said, “Sounds great, but do you think you’ll be able to get anybody to talk?” I’ve learned in my 17 years of journalism that people tend to be less friendly with the press when you want to discuss their failures. […]


Q&A with JPMP’s Shahan Soghikian –

By Larry Aragon — 13 years ago

JPMorgan Partners in March said that it would split up its venture capital and leveraged buyout activities. Senior Editor Jerry Borrell managed to pry some additional details out of JPMP Partner Shahan Soghikian, who is head of the firm’s West Coast investment activities. Q How big is your current fund? A JPMorgan Global Investors LP […]


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