VCJ is Stoked Over Some Hot Prospects

In years, or perhaps months, to come, A VC somewhere is gonna pop a Champagne cork to celebrate his or her first, huge exit.

That VC most likely could be one of the 10 up-and-coming venture capitalists featured in the August 2010 issue of Venture Capital Journal. The “Hot Prospects,” age 35 and under, are folks, we believe belong on your radar because they’re poised to do great things.

We considered a list of investors under 40, but we’re fairly certain you already know the people who’d be on that list. Who isn’t familiar with Roelof Botha, 36, who hit it out of the park with YouTube? Or Peter Fenton, 37, whose long string of hits includes JBoss, SpringSource and Wily Technology? Or Danny Rimer, 39, who made his bones with Skype and MySQL?

But are you familiar with Chi-Hua Chien, 32, of Kleiner Perkins, Dafina Toncheva, 30, of Tugboat Ventures, or Ann Miura-Ko, 33, of Floodgate? Probably not. But we’re sure you will be in the next several years.

Subscribers of VCJ can read the “Hot Prospects” package by clicking on this link.

In addition, our associates at Reuters Insider also filmed some of the “Hot Prospects” in brief interviews.

Interview with Phin Barnes